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Jackie Rudolph - Director C2 Education Severna Park
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September 7, 2017

A sensational summer has drawn to a close. It’s now time to go back to school. For students who are returning to their school, it is a time of excitement to meet a new teacher and see old friends. For students who are transitioning to middle or high school, it can be a time of uncertainty as they have many questions about their new surroundings and the expectations of their new school.

Help your child get off to a strong start in his or her new school. Your child will be expected to be much more independent. Students need to be organized and keep track of their classwork and homework without prompting from the teacher.

Here are some helpful tips to a strong start.

Make sure your child has the proper supplies to get and stay organized

·         Three-ring binder

·         Notebook paper

·         Pencils and erasers

·         Pens

·         Subject dividers

·         Three-hole-punched, single-pocket folders

·         Agenda or planner (some schools provide a planner – it is crucial to use one)

Make sure your child sets up the binder properly. Place a divider, notebook paper and a three-hole-punched, single-pocket folder in each section. The folder stores loose papers for each class so that nothing gets misplaced. The papers can be hole-punched and placed in the proper sequence at home. Papers should never be crammed into the bottom of the book bag.

Students should date each assignment. They need to keep their papers in a logical order. It’s a good idea to put the student’s name on the paper as well. Parents may need to check to see that students are off to a good start for the first few weeks.

Every assignment should be written in the planner/agenda. Long-range projects should be listed on the date they are given as well as the date they are due. Students need to “backward map,” or plan the steps needed to get the project done on time to avoid the last-minute disasters like, “My project is due tomorrow and I don’t have the supplies I need to do it now!”

Students must study every evening. As a rule, review today’s work as well as work from the past few days to keep ideas fresh. Daily study is crucial in preparing for tests and quizzes. Information needs to be stored in long-term memory to be accessed in testing situations. It is critical to review information over several days to store it in long-term memory. Cramming does not work.

It is a good idea to determine your child’s natural learning style. Studying effectively means studying based on the student’s learning style. Is your child a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner? Does she or he need help to learn to study effectively and get and stay organized?

Successful school transitions are a team effort. Our students require some support to help them get off to a strong start in their new environment. Best wishes for a successful school year.

If you would like additional information or assistance, call C2 Education Severna Park at 410-421-8080.

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