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  • This month, we asked Mrs. Merrill’s class, “If you could invite any person to Thanksgiving dinner, who would it be?”
    This month, we asked Mrs. Merrill’s class, “If you could invite any person to Thanksgiving dinner, who would it be?”

Question Of The Month: Severna Park Elementary

Zach Sparks
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November 3, 2017

Each month, the Severna Park Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Mrs. Merrill’s class at Severna Park Elementary answered the question:

If you could invite any person to Thanksgiving dinner, who would it be?


Anne Frank, to see what her inspiration was for living and surviving the first part of the war.

Margot Argeles

My great-grandpa because I only got to see him like three times when I was 5.

Elliott Danielson

Someone homeless, so then they would have a home and not be hungry for Thanksgiving.

Maeve de Bruyne-Smulders

My grandpa because he died a month before I was born and I have never met him. It would be cool to get to know him!

Finn Denman

Captain John Smith because he was the one involved with Pocahontas, and I want to hear the real story and the details!

Keaghan Gorski

Barack Obama because I want to meet someone famous!

Brooke Heine

My dad’s dad since he died two weeks before I was born because he was in one of the wars, and I want him to teach me some of the moves that he used!

Robby Hopper

My birth mom because she gave birth to me and I want to know more about her!

Tsedeke Jakovics

My uncle when he was younger, because he never comes to Thanksgiving dinner anymore and we don’t get to see him too often.

Payton Jeffers

Buzz Aldrin because I would like to meet him and ask him what it was like on the moon.

Tripp Kennedy

My grandma, my dad’s mom, because my mom and I didn’t get to meet her. I want to ask her how she died and tell her all about my family.

Millie Mardiros

Buzz Aldrin because he isn’t appreciated that much for being the second man on the moon and barely anyone really knows his story.

Collin Mays

Donald Trump because he is a very important person and makes good decisions for the country.

Emilie McKenna

My dad, who died, because I miss him and I want to ask him how his life now is going!

Gigi Moen

Ulysses S. Grant because he is my favorite war general and I read his story, so I want to ask him about his experience in the war.

Stephen Nobilio

My best friend because she lives very far away and I don’t see her very often. Plus, we get along very well.

Trinity Prince

My mom because I like her cooking, so if I invited her, she would cook the meal! Yummy!

Lily Quill

George Washington, so he could teach me about his life and everything he did. He could tell me everything from his point of view that is not in the history books. Plus, he is polite.

Johnny Ray

Phoebe because I could dance and sing with her!

Emma Rogers

My cousins and aunts and uncles because they are always there for me, give me support and love me.

Nick Smith

My grandma because I only met her two times and I want to tell her I love her!

Kelsey Sparkman

I would invite Warren Buffet because I want to ask him how he became so successful.

Timmy Sullivan

My grandpa because I never got to meet him and I want to know what he was like when he was young.

Nora Tipton

Morgan Freeman so he could tell me holiday stories in that really cool voice of his.

Mrs. Merrill

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