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  • This month, Theater in the Park classmates answered the question “If you could be any animal, what would it be?”
    Zach Sparks
    This month, Theater in the Park classmates answered the question “If you could be any animal, what would it be?”

Question Of The Month: Severna Park Community Center

Zach Sparks
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August 9, 2017

Each month, the Severna Park Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, while students are out for summer vacation, Jennifer Lee’s Theater in the Park class at the Severna Park Community Center answered the question:

If you could be any animal, what would it be?


If I were an animal, I would probably be a golden retriever because they’re a loyal dog and they protect people. They also bring joy, and I like bringing joy to people.

Maria Bellios, age 10

Probably a panda because they’re fluffy and cute and can be big or small.

Colby Bowcutt, age 10

A panda because when I was little, I had a stuffed animal panda named Bambi and I always wanted to be that animal.

Charlotte Cleary, age 9

I would be a lizard because I saw one in Hawaii and it looked cool.

Dylan Croft, age 7

A unicorn because they’re magical and get all of the freedom. They don’t have to be in zoos, they can be wherever they want. Also, they are colorful.

Addie Faust, age 10

I would be a panda because they’re so cute and I love Japan and China, which is where they come from.

Priscilla Fisher, age 8

I would be a bunny because they’re cool and they’re furry.

Vivienne Fisher, age 6

I would be a dog because dogs usually get adopted to a home where they are fed and they are safe.

Natalie Frank, age 10

A cat because I have a kitten and he’s really playful, and my other cat is serious.

Ava Frederick, age 11

A giraffe because I would like to be tall and it would be cool to live on the savannah.

Eva Gabler, age 13

I’d be a zebra because he gets to be a lot of nice and gentle characters in plays. Also, he has a lot of speaking lines.

Jonas Gabler, age 10

I know they’re not real, but I would want to be a unicorn because they can fly. If I could fly anywhere, I would probably fly to Clearwater Beach.

Kaitlyn Knowles, age 7

I would be an elephant because I think they are cool and unique.

Alyssa Kraus, age 10

A zebra because I like the colors and I like little zebras.

Lily Kraynak, age 7

I would be a wolf because I like them and they are cool.

Elise Lounsbury, age 6

I would want to be a lion because they don’t have any things that hunt them. Their manes look cool and they run fast.

Annabelle Mora, age 11

I would be a dog because I think they’re playful and cute. I really like to play with my dog. And I wouldn’t have to go to school.

Amelia Norris, age 9

A kitten because they are my favorite animal and they’re really cute.

McKinsey Norris, age 9

I would probably be a dog because in the middle of the wild, they would have the skills to hunt and protect themselves.

Evie O’Reilly, age 10

I would probably be a zebra because I really like the patterns on them and I like the colors black and white.

Anna Porter, age 11

I would be a dog because then I would know why they chase the mailman or do crazy stuff.

Jillian Sank, age 11

I would choose a horse because horses are fun to ride and they are good listeners.

Avery Sowell, age 10

I would probably be an eagle because they’re strong. I could survive for a long time and have few predators, and eagles have plenty of prey.

Dutch Torreyson, age 11

If I could be any animal, I would be a zebra because they are calm and don’t really bite.

Natalie Webster, age 9

I’d be a tiger because I could run really fast and scratch things.

Hannah Wintermeyer, age 8

A lion because in the plays, I just feel like he gets all the respect and sings fun songs.

Kaelan Wisbeck, age 9

A cheetah so I can go super fast to get my food.

Abby Wolfe, age 10

I would be a giraffe because they’re really tall and they don’t eat other animals. That would be mean.

Tori Wright, age 10

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