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  • HEADSHOT, Ryan Keller
    HEADSHOT, Ryan Keller

Broadneck Valedictorian Excels On And Off The Field

Gracie Fairfax
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June 27, 2017

Broadneck High School’s valedictorian, Ryan Keller, is a leader both in the classroom and on the football field.

Eager to push himself, Keller signed up for as many Advanced Placement (AP) courses as he could handle. One of the first AP courses he took, a combined calculus class, was one of the hardest classes offered at Broadneck; he was only a sophomore at the time.

“I basically was up late almost every single day,” Keller said. “It was a running joke of all my classmates that I didn’t sleep, and that was more or less accurate. I pulled a lot of all-nighters, so that was pretty tough.”

By the time he finished his junior year, he had taken every math class available in Anne Arundel County Public Schools and took Calculus 3 at Anne Arundel Community College.

Outside of class, Keller spent two years on the JV football team as well as two years on the varsity football team, where he started as an offensive guard. In his senior year, he was elected team captain — something he considers his greatest accomplishment aside from being named valedictorian. Since he is smaller than most offensive guards, he worked hard to prove he was capable of starting and being an effective team player.

“Ryan Keller is a one-in-a-thousand student-athlete,” said Broadneck head football coach and math teacher Rob Harris. “His work ethic on and off the field has been remarkable. He was an absolute monster in the weight room, classroom and as a senior on the field. His hard work, determination, coach-ability and team-first attitude is why he was so successful. Our program is lucky to have had the opportunity to have such a fine young man in our program.”

In the fall, Keller will attend the University of Virginia, where he is excited to take his academic career to the next level as he studies economics and mathematics.

“I would say it’s one of the most applicable subjects to one’s everyday life,” Keller said of his interest in economics. “Everything you hear on the news – 90 percent of it is economics related. I’ve always been pretty handy at math, and then economics takes math and runs with it into new areas.”

When he graduates from the University of Virginia, Keller hopes to work in finance, perhaps in a New York bank. But before he heads off to the University of Virginia this fall, Keller will spend his summer visiting family in New Jersey, catching up on hobbies such as reading and fitness, and preparing for his college placement tests.

Keller credited his teachers at Broadneck for their encouragement throughout his high school academic career, and he thanked his parents for their influence on his work ethic.

“… They helped me become self-motivated so my reasons to succeed were internal, and that helped me push myself,” Keller said of his parents. “I never really felt any kind of external pressure to do well from my parents. They said, ‘Do your best’ and that’s what I tried to do.”

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