October 23, 2018
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Behind The Scenes Of Fall Sports

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September 6, 2018

The temperatures were high and the nights were long, but as summer came to a close, the athletes of Severna Park High School were working hard on and off the field to prepare for the upcoming season. From 6:00am practices to 6:00pm conditioning, there was always a team to be seen around the school.

Even though the first games weren’t until September, the hard work began months in advance. Tryouts for the fall sports season began on August 12, and after that, teams met six days a week for practice, scrimmages and conditioning.

Throughout the entire summer, athletes met at the school for preseason training and put in extra hours of work to get in shape. Many teams met three days a week for weight training and conditioning, and were encouraged to work out on their own during the days they didn’t come together.

Ben Nocerito, a freshman on the JV soccer team, explained that he did much on his own during the summer, including lots of running and playing soccer with his old team.

Many members of the volleyball team also got together and played volleyball at the community center during the weeks leading up to tryouts.

“All the people that were together during the summer got to know each other much more,” said Georgia Marriner, a senior on the varsity volleyball team who was excited about the opportunity to get to know everyone before the season started. “We were able to work out together in the weight room and get ready for the season as a team, which helped us bond way before the real practices began,” she explained.

No matter how difficult or draining summer training might have been, the athletes at SPHS agreed that the many hours paid off when practices finally came around.

When there were only a few days left until school and the start of the season, the pressure was on. Last-minute summer assignments, college applications, school shopping and more fell upon the shoulders of high schoolers everywhere.

But practices have only begun, and although juggling so many things at once can be difficult, the Falcons believe that they are prepared for what’s to come. “I think that my hard work in the summer will help me during the season by allowing me to push myself and my teammates so we can all be better,” said Patrick Fenn, a junior on the varsity football team.

In addition to the many hours spent together playing field hockey, football, volleyball, soccer or cheerleading, the Severna Park athletes enjoyed their last few days of summer together. Whether getting food, paddle boarding or just hanging out at the river, preseason bonding helped build a strong connection that will last for more than just the fall season.

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