May 25, 2017
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  • Blue Angels Impress Despite Gray Skies

    Spectators at the Naval Academy saw all kinds of aerial acrobatics and impressive flight maneuvers when the United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, known as the Blue Angels, took to the skies of Annapolis on Wednesday, May 24, as part of Commissioning Week. From the banks of the Severn River and the Naval Academy campus, crowds of people defied the gray, misty afternoon to take part in this popular Anne Arundel County tradition. See more photos here.



  • Chamber Update

    “Shop Local,” “Shop Small,” “Dine Small.” What’s the value behind those phrases? It’s all about supporting our local independent businesses because they support our community. When you need a donation for a Parent Teacher Student Organization fundraiser, a charity auction or a sponsorship for a sports team, whom do you ask? Our local businesses are the backbone of our community. They make the donations, provide the sponsorships and send the volunteers, in many cases. Thank them and support them so that they can continue to make our community the strong and vibrant place it is. With this in mind, plan to attend the Shop Local Fun Festival on...
  • After a change of ownership and complete renovation several years ago, Szechuan Inn offers a fancy new atmosphere where customers can enjoy freshly prepared food and good service.

    Szechuan Inn Takes Care Of Its Customers

    Before Szechuan Inn reopened in its current incarnation and under its current ownership, Severna Park residents who craved authentic Chinese food would head to Lee’s Szechuan on Old Mill Road in Millersville. But those customers wanted as great an option closer to home. “We received a...
  • The Cottage Celebrates 30 Years In Severna Park

    The Cottage owner Sue Gauthier continually seeks to reinvent her store. Originally opened as Dawson’s Country Cottage in 1974, Gauthier began her involvement with the business as a store manager when it was owned by Severna Park icon Cliff Dawson’s daughter, Mitzi Routt. In 1986,...
  • Time To Revisit Maslow

    As a financial professional, it is very important in my everyday interaction with clients to understand psychology and the impact emotions have on saving and retirement planning. In fact, I joke that my job is really 10 percent about the numbers and 90 percent about managing emotions. While I may...

School & YouthSchool

Arts & EntertainmentArts & Entertainment

  • Professor Henry Higgins stumbles upon the homeless flower peddler Eliza Doolittle in Compass Rose Theater’s production of “Pygmalion,” now playing through May 21.

    Compass Rose’s “Pygmalion” Packs A Punch

    If I told you there was this great love story that went a little something along the lines of “boy meets girl, boy gives girl a makeover, girl decides she’s too good for the boy and is no longer putting up with any of his nonsense,” would you be interested? Before you dismiss the...

Politics & OpinionPolitics & Opinion

  • An Elected School Board For Anne Arundel County

    Last month was historic for our county, our school system, our parents and our students. In a stunning and complete turnaround in policy, state legislators voted to replace Anne Arundel County's appointed school board with an elected school board.
    I have consistently pushed for an elected school board for more than a decade, and I applaud our House and Senate delegations for giving our constituents the power to choose their school board representatives. Giving our citizens a direct say in their school board is long overdue, particularly given that the board controls more than $1 billion in taxpayer funds, including nearly all funds raised in property taxes.
    For decades, Anne Arundel...
  • The End Of Session

    Budget Governor Larry Hogan’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget, which goes into effect on July 1, 2017, fully funds state obligations while having fiscal restraint. For the third year in a row, there are no new fees or taxes in the state budget. This is an operating budget of $17.1 billion. When...
  • One Of Blue’s Toughest Jobs

    Cops are not supposed to cry. They can't. If they did, they might be considered, God forbid, human. Dealing with death as a law enforcement office has far more implications than most would believe, especially for the deputy or officer giving a death notification. It's a part of the job no...
  • If You’re Reading This, I May Owe You Money!

    In Maryland, you don’t have to buy a lottery ticket to win the jackpot. While my agency has the important but unenviable task of collecting taxes, the comptroller’s office also serves as the legal custodian of Marylanders’ unclaimed properties. That means my staff and I get to...

Health & FitnessHealth & Fitness

  • Are You And Your Pet Ready For The Unexpected?

    It is a well-known fact that pets keep humans healthier. Pets are part of the family in most households, which means they sleep in our beds, sit on our couches, and get lots of love and attention. Pet ownership has many medical, emotional and psychological benefits. Many of us can relate to our...
  • Three Factors To Consider When Choosing A Medical Provider

    So, you or someone in your family has suffered an injury and you don’t know whom to turn to for help. You’ll most likely need to seek further medical attention or rehab after your visit to the emergency room or an urgent care facility. You will also most likely be referred for physical...
  • Reasons To Drink Tap Water

    Here are several reasons to drink tap water: There is no sugar to cause dental decay, the fluoridation prevents decay, there are no calories to cause weight gain and tap water fights dry mouth (decreased saliva), which increases the risk of decay. Tooth decay is the most common disease, and it...

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    RT @SPVoiceSports: Jack Thomas goal with 3 seconds left wins it for Severna Park. Falcons defeat Churchill 7-6 for the 4A/3A state champion…
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    We've got pics from the @BlueAngels this afternoon. #blueangels

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    RT @SPVoiceSports: Severna Park Boys Beat Churchill At The Buzzer, Repeat As 4A/3A State Champions:… @SPVoice @Colin…
  • SPVoice

    RT @SPVoiceSports: Jack Thomas goal with 3 seconds left wins it for Severna Park. Falcons defeat Churchill 7-6 for the 4A/3A state champion…
  • SPVoice

    We've got pics from the @BlueAngels this afternoon. #blueangels

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