May 06, 2016
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  • Steven Zichelli attacked from behind the net against Howard on April 19. The Falcons won the game, 13-5, and carried a 10-game win streak into May.

    Falcons Flying High As Postseason Approaches

    All Joe Morrow had to do was hold the ball and let time expire. A senior defenseman on the Severna Park boys lacrosse team, Morrow had ripped the ball away from a Howard High School attacker in front of the net and needed only to kill off six seconds for the Falcons to cruise comfortably into...


  • Chamber Update

    The Greater Severna Park and Arnold Chamber of Commerce has some great upcoming events for our members and our community. We’d like for you to save the date for our Shop Local Fun Festival on Saturday, June 4 (rain date June 5), at Park Plaza. The event begins at noon and concludes at 4:00pm. There will be entertainment, pony rides, games, art, exhibitors, a cake walk and lots more. Please look for the tents between Bill Bateman’s Bistro and Ledo Pizza and join us!
    May is a busy month with lots of activities for our members. On Wednesday, May 11, our popular Successful Women in Business annual “speed dating” event will be held at Jing Ying Institute of Kung Fu &...

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  • News From The Statehouse

    The 2016 session of the Maryland General Assembly ended April 11. The session was generally a good one. My work on the Appropriations Committee was definitely more pleasant with an early bipartisan agreement on the budget. Governor Hogan's budget passed largely unchanged with new state...
  • A Look At The County Budget

    Last year, we set out an agenda to help our county reach its full potential. We began working to change the policies and culture of Anne Arundel County. And we are succeeding. There were some disagreements along the way, but, in the end, we worked together to change fundamentally the direction of...
  • How Does The Republican National Convention Work?

    The Maryland primary elections are in the books, and the winning candidates are now moving forward to their respective national conventions. When the primary sample ballots were distributed last month, I received many questions about the voting process for the delegates to the Republican National...

Health & FitnessHealth & Fitness

  • Tech Talk With Dr. Cranska

    Modern dentistry is dynamic. Changes to improve patient comfort and quality of care are always being developed. The use of improved dental materials, modern delivery systems, lasers, computer-generated imaging and computer management software systems are just some of the changes.
    In upcoming months, I will answer questions on high-technology dentistry. Please direct inquiries to or
    Minimally Invasive Dentistry
    Dental science has not been able to find a cure or prevent tooth decay. Tooth decay (caries) is the most common disease in man, found in millions of people.
    Minimally invasive dentistry is modern technology that gives more...
  • What’s An Occupational Therapist?

    An occupational therapist is a medical professional who works with people of all ages to increase their engagement in meaningful daily activities. Whether dealing with physical, mental or social impairments/limitations, individuals can see occupational therapists to help them adapt, remediate or...
  • Friends and families will unite during the Relay for Life of Arnold/Annapolis at Anne Arundel Community College on May 21 to honor those they have lost and those currently battling cancer.

    Relay For Life Returns To AACC May 21

    The campus of Anne Arundel Community College will once again host the annual Relay For Life on May 21. Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society’s nationwide signature event. The Arnold/Annapolis event is run entirely by community volunteers who have all been affected by cancer. “...
  • Do You Know What Went Into Your Take-Out Order?

    When you order a meal at your favorite restaurant, or get something to go from the take-out place down the street, do you ever stop to think about what ingredients went into your food? What was the source of the ingredients, and how were they handled in the kitchen? It’s important to...

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