September 27, 2016
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  • Chartridge residents are worried that the Sabrina Park Phase 3 community will force rainwaters downstream into Chartridge and exacerbate an already overburdened drainage ditch and pond.

    Outsiders Rally Behind Chartridge Appeals

    Since early August, residents of the Chartridge community have been appealing the decisions of sketch plan and modification approval for Sabrina Park Phase 3, a 28-home community that, pending approval, will border Chartridge. Those residing in the neighborhood see the development as detrimental...


  • Jake Hallett recovered a fumble for Severna Park in the second half of Friday night's 20-0 win over South River. Joe Joe Bright (43), Riley Bushman (52), Jacob Umile-Butz (44) and the Severna Park defense were outstanding, smothering the Seahawks' running game from the outset.

    Severna Park Football Shuts Out South River, 20-0

    Severna Park football coach Will Bell had a top priority in practice leading up to Friday’s matchup with South River. “Defensively we came off last week’s game and we made it a point every single day this week in practice that we were going to make sure our defense was going to...


  • Want To Retire Early? Start Planning NowExclusive

    The average American retires around age 63, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. If you enjoy your work, you may want to continue well beyond that age. But what if you don’t want to wait until 63 or so? Can you afford to retire early? Possibly, if you follow these suggestions.
    Research The Costs Involved
    What will you do during your retirement years? Will you travel the world or stay close to home, pursuing your hobbies? Will you downsize from your current home? How will you pay for health care until you’re old enough for Medicare? You will need to answer these and other questions to determine how much you will need to sustain a comfortable lifestyle as an early...
  • Chamber Update

    School is back and Labor Day is behind us, which means that it’s time to focus on autumn and all of the activities that go with it. We think of football when the days start to become crisp. Navy Football is holding Chamber Appreciation Day on October 22. Navy will play Memphis at 3:30pm at...
  • At Severna Park Lanes, Owner Michael Hall (left) and General Manager Curt Pezzano strive to offer an array of entertainment and excitement for families and guests of all ages.

    Severna Park Lanes Pins Down Formula For Family Fun

    When people go to restaurants, they browse a menu offering choices diverse in flavor and pungency. At Severna Park Lanes, visitors get a similar amount of control. They can play tenpin or duckpin, they can form a bowling league, they can hold a birthday party or they can visit during evening hours...
  • For Continental Realty Corporation, there are two primary factors that make and keep a shopping center viable — a variety of merchants to serve the needs of local residents, combined with a commitment to enriching the community. Residents of Greater Severna Park need look no farther for an example of Continental’s philosophy than Park Plaza, Robinson Crossing and Arnold, three of the corporation’s 20 commercial properties in Mar

    Continental Realty Corporation Enables Community-Minded Commerce

    For Continental Realty Corporation, there are two primary factors that make and keep a shopping center viable — a variety of merchants to serve the needs of local residents, combined with a commitment to enriching the community. Residents of Greater Severna Park need look no farther for an...

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  • Governor Larry Hogan Signs Executive Order To Start School After Labor Day

    Governor Larry Hogan recently signed an executive order that will require Maryland’s public schools to start classes after Labor Day, beginning with the 2017-2018 school year. Citing the benefits of a post-Labor Day school start for families, students, teachers and the economy, the governor made the announcement on the Ocean City boardwalk, where he was joined by Comptroller Peter Franchot, Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan, Senator James Mathias, Delegate Mary Beth Carozza, education advocates, and other longtime supporters of a post-Labor Day school start.
    “Starting Maryland public schools after Labor Day is not just a family issue – it’s an economic and public safety...

Health & FitnessHealth & Fitness

  • The Biggest Transition Since Adolescence

    Menopause is often considered the biggest transition since adolescence. The definition of natural menopause is 12 months with no menses (period). Surgical menopause occurs when a women has her ovaries surgically removed before going 12 months with no menses. The average age of natural menopause is 51.4 years.
    Perimenopause describes the transitional years leading into menopause. The perimenopause occurs most commonly during a woman’s 40s and can consist of irregular menses, hormonal fluctuation causing hot flashes and night sweats, sleep disturbances, mood symptoms and vaginal dryness.
    The further a woman goes without menses, the more likely she will experience these menopausal...
  • Get Started With Your Momentum

    “Back-to-school week is my New Year,” one of our members said recently. We were talking about the back-to-school season starting up again and how much it affects so many of our routines. We are transitioning from our temporary summer routine to the more regular, and unfortunately longer...
  • What Mission Work Means To A Nurse

    It is hard to believe that a four-hour flight from BWI Airport can land you in the marvelous place of Sedona, Arizona, or in the country of Honduras, where modern-day conveniences, such as running water in the home, are rare. Summer vacation for me was not the normal beach getaway somewhere over...
  • Tooth Destruction By Acid Attack

    Acidic foods and drinks cause erosion that wears away healthy tooth enamel and promotes tooth decay. We need to understand the causes of this complex problem to prevent further damage to teeth. Q: What is tooth enamel erosion? A: Acid erosion begins with enamel demineralization, dissolving of the...

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