September 21, 2017
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  • Community Says Farewell To Bruce Blackman

    Bruce Randall Blackman, 61, passed away on September 15, 2017, from heart failure. Bruce was born on March 21, 1956, in Washington, D.C. He graduated from Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Maryland, and West Chester University in Pennsylvania. He completed graduate work at Loyola University Maryland.
    Bruce Blackman was a man full of life and joy. His enthusiasm for everything he did was obvious to all who knew him. His family, friends, colleagues and students enjoyed his smile, his laugh and the twinkle in his eyes. To know Bruce was to feel embraced in a warm hug. He was, quite simply, a good, honorable man.
    Bruce taught English for 38 years at Severna Park High School and...



  • Chamber Update

    Usually at this time of year, there’s excitement about school, the football season and all of the activities that kick off once summer is over. Along with that excitement, I’m sure you share my heavy heart in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the devastation created for so many people who live in the areas affected by this huge storm. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims as they try to move forward.
    Our September 15 crab feast is coming up at the Severna Park Elks Lodge. We’re excited to hold this first-ever crab feast in our 60th anniversary year. We have details on our website or they can be provided by calling the chamber at 410-647-3900. It should be a...

School & YouthSchool

  • The Separation Of School And Society

    How Schools Decide To Intervene In Personal Matters Or Bring Current Events Into The Classroom When the Netflix TV series “13 Reasons Why” was introduced in March 2017, parents and teachers had to scramble as they learned that the program contained more than just entertainment. The...

Arts & EntertainmentArts & Entertainment

  • “A Celebration Of Seasons” By MFA Artists Opens In Gallery 90Exclusive

    A new exhibit by the Maryland Federation of Art has opened at Hospice of the Chesapeake’s Gallery 90, the art gallery located throughout the nonprofit’s administrative building on the John & Cathy Belcher Campus at 90 Ritchie Highway in Pasadena.
    The work of 14 artists is on display, selected to evoke the theme of “A Celebration of Seasons.” The limited showing will be on display through November 17 and features around 25 two-dimensional works by MFA members. Participating members are David Diaz, Ronaldo Dorado, Kathy Dove, Janet Ewing, Christopher Fowler, Kristen Hines, Perry Kapsch, Jim Mackey, Lisa Mantha, Maggie O’Leary, Alicia Pulcher, Stacey Sass,...

Politics & OpinionPolitics & Opinion

  • School Construction

    Three years ago, we promised a major acceleration in our county’s school construction efforts, and it is a promise we have kept. We are now far along in the largest school construction effort in county history. In the current six-year plan, we have allocated $764 million to school...
  • Being Comptroller Is More Than Just Collecting Taxes

    In my travels across Maryland, many people lightheartedly call me the “tax man.” It’s a job description that ranks right up there in popularity with a telemarketer, a baseball umpire or a parking enforcement officer. Don’t get me wrong, I love being your comptroller, but...
  • Hiding History Doesn’t Change It

    My family and I recently traveled to South Carolina on vacation. The night before the eclipse, we stood on the Battery in Charleston. After the events in Charlottesville and elsewhere, it was a bit surreal gazing across the harbor to Fort Sumter, the site of the first shot of the Civil War. My wife...
  • Why Is There A Sheriff’s Office?

    To answer that question, I need to start with our heritage. The Sheriff’s Office is the oldest office outside of the king and queen, starting first in St. Mary’s County in 1649 and then in Anne Arundel County in 1650. To put that in perspective, the Anne Arundel County Police Department...

Health & FitnessHealth & Fitness

  • HPV And Oral Cancer

    If you are a smoker or if you abuse alcohol, you should be concerned about these traditional risk factors for oral cancer. We are now faced with an epidemic: A common viral infection is causing oral cancer to develop in young non-smokers and casual drinkers.
    Research now shows links between human papillomavirus (HPV-16) and the rising occurrence of oropharyngeal cancer. Oral or pharyngeal cancers will be diagnosed in 49,750 Americans this year. Oral cancer is universally found in persons of all ages and backgrounds.
    In the United States, general dentists are tasked with the responsibility of oral cancer screenings. Every person should undergo routine oral cancer examination during each...
  • Protecting Yourself Against Influenza And The Common Cold

    As fall begins, we begin to see symptoms associated with the common cold and influenza (flu). But while you may think you are suffering from either a cold or flu, you may be suffering from the other illness. Knowing the difference between the cold and the flu and their symptoms can help determine...
  • News From The Department Of Health

    Website Provides Parent’s Guide to School Health Parents and guardians in Anne Arundel County can visit the “Parent’s Guide to School Health” at to find information on school health services for the 2017-2018 school year. The page provides...
  • Tackling Concussion Head On

    “When In Doubt, Hold Them Out” Concussion is not new. Sports-related concussions are often associated with immediate and transient symptoms of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Here is a more common definition: A type of mild traumatic brain injury that usually occurs as a result of a bump...

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