May 25, 2018
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Winter Can Be Difficult For The Elderly

Maura Barillaro
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February 8, 2017

January has come and gone. For many of us, so have our resolutions. It’s what happens this time each year. Something else happens this time of year too: snow. We love snow for its beauty and the thrill it brings our children, yet have we stopped to think about the dread it brings to our seniors?

Winter is cold, and quite frankly, the cold makes it difficult to be old. Challenges with staying warm or being mobile are only a few things seniors face as the temperature drops. If you have aging parents or aging loved ones, consider supporting them through this season.

Winterizing a home is an important step to staying warm, but often, the energy it takes for a senior to do this makes it impossible. Simple fixes, like protecting doors and windows from drafts, can make a difference in the health of your loved one. Winter also makes it challenging to run errands. When ice or snow covers the walkways, the fear of falling can prevent an older person from leaving his or her home. This means that things like food or medication may not be available to them. Check in on your loved one to ensure that they have food and medication, and offer to bring it to them. Household chores — taking the trash out or bringing the mail inside — tend to get delayed when the cold weather hits. Be aware of this and make an effort to visit on the day the trash needs to go to the curb. You can bring in the mail while you are there too.

Remember, while you run from your warm house to your cold car, your body will make the adjustments quicker than those of your loved ones. Energy is not an attribute of the aged. Take time to reach out to your aging parent or family members to support them during the winter months. It can make all the difference.

For more information, contact Maura Barillaro, RN, at or 410-344-0057. Visit Capital City Nurses online at or in person at 650 Ritchie Highway, Suite 300, in Severna Park.

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