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  • Kara Hamilton, seen here with her family, has spread support for women battling breast cancer through her nonprofit organization, Pinked Perspective.
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    Kara Hamilton, seen here with her family, has spread support for women battling breast cancer through her nonprofit organization, Pinked Perspective.

Local Foundation Has National Reach For Breast Cancer Awareness

Maya Pottiger
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November 3, 2017

Kara Hamilton Spreads Breast Cancer Awareness So It’s “Found Early And Treatable”

Growing up, Kara Hamilton hated the color pink.

Now, at 40 years old, she wears pink head to toe every day.

The change came in July 2011 when Hamilton was diagnosed with breast cancer. She wears pink to spread awareness, but that isn’t her only platform. Hamilton founded Pinked Perspective, a nonprofit that raises awareness and celebrates survivors.

“I remember very clearly all those emotions in the first couple days,” Hamilton said. “After I completed all my treatment, I just felt like I needed to use this for some sort of good. So that’s kind of how it all started.”

Pinked Perspective sends kits to women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Each kit comes in a pink bag with the pink essentials: button-down pajamas, a pillow, a bag to hold drainage collectors, a flannel wrap, a journal and pens, a copy of “Jesus Calling,” socks, washcloths, EOS lip balm and Dial soap.

“Everything that’s in here has meaning; it’s intentional,” Hamilton said. “It’s to provide encouragement, hope and support to those diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Hamilton said she’s received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the kits’ recipients in the form of thank-you notes and emails. They often tell Hamilton which item was specifically useful, and the two most popular are the “Jesus Calling” devotional book and the pink pillow.

“It’s really about the kits and the encouragement,” Hamilton said. “It’s not just a bag of pink stuff; it’s useful pink stuff.”

To date, Hamilton has sent between 200 and 250 kits all over the country — and even to Canada. She personally delivers local kits when it’s an option. Leaving the “bag of encouragement” on the front porch makes it more personal without being too intrusive, Hamilton said.

“It’s definitely incredible to me,” Hamilton said. “I never would’ve expected to be sending these all over the country and supporting women this way.”

Pinked Perspective is run entirely by volunteers. Hamilton, a part-time physical therapist, said she does not earn a salary from the nonprofit. Earlier this year, she hosted a kit-packing party at her home where women came and helped pre-pack kits in mailing boxes so they were ready to go when an order came in.

The organization runs out of Hamilton’s guest room. She keeps all donations in bins around her now-pink guest room.

“It’s been a way for me to take what I went through and use it for good,” Hamilton said. “It’s also a way for me to not be fearful about my future and what may happen. I don’t want to focus on that, so if I can focus on helping other people through it, I feel like that kind of frees me up from the worry that I have about what my future may hold.”

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