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Don’t Ignore The Ringing In Your Ears

Gregory S. Wilson- Hearing Specialty Group
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August 10, 2017

Do noises in your ears make it difficult to concentrate? Do these sounds make it difficult to fall to sleep at night? Do you feel that these noises make it difficult to enjoy your life? These are all common reports from people with persistent tinnitus or ringing in the ears.

Relief from these symptoms, in most cases, does not come in the form of a pill. Surprisingly, almost no credible research supports the use of the natural or homeopathic medications that are often advertised. They simply don’t work for a majority of people. The Food and Drug Administration does not endorse these products. In some cases, the products may even present a health risk to the individual.

Appropriate treatment focuses on retraining the brain to reduce the effects of tinnitus on the individual’s quality of life. The treatment includes sound therapy. Research has shown that the effectiveness of treatment is highest when tinnitus maskers or hearing aids are combined with a counseling program. Research has shown a success rate of 80 to 90 percent.

The treatment should always begin with an appropriate evaluation. Most medical insurance plans (including Medicare) will cover the cost of the evaluation. In some cases, medical issues can cause these symptoms. Therefore, the tinnitus may be resolved rapidly through medical intervention. Often, hearing loss will be associated with ringing in the ears. We need to know the extent of the hearing loss in order to provide appropriate treatment for the tinnitus. In a majority of cases, we are treating the noises in your ears and the hearing loss at the same time.

Hearing aids and tinnitus maskers are often part of treatment. Tinnitus retraining therapy will utilize the brain’s ability to recalibrate. It is possible to train the brain to significantly reduce or eliminate the perception of tinnitus. Many medical insurance plans will assist in the payment for the hearing aids.

Hearing Specialty Group will work with you to determine the optimal treatment. There is help; you simply have to ask for it. Contact the doctors of audiology at Hearing Specialty Group Ltd at 410-590-9462 for additional information. You may also go to www.hearingspecialtygroup.com.

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