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Choose To Embrace Confidence With Your Fashion

Bess Clark - Coterie Boutique
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August 10, 2017

I can count, maybe on one hand, the number of women I have met throughout the years who were truly comfortable in their own skin. I remember each one during a beautiful, treasured moment that sticks out as the peak of femininity, confidence and triumph. These few women embraced their fate along with the skin and the destiny of their bodies. They embraced the curves (or lack thereof) and they embraced their so-called imperfections as perfect.

More often than not, women are quick to point out what they need to change about themselves, and they are frustrated with a few minor details that only they can see. Size is a big thing to many women, and knowing what I know about the fashion industry, I have a really hard time understanding why.

Size — not only as the numbers that get imprinted on a tag, but the size and shape of a woman — is relative. As far as clothing goes, the size and size structure is relative to the designer or artist who creates the pieces. In women’s fashion, there’s no hard, fast rule or standard in sizing.

Much like throughout history, you see myriad models in paintings and advertisements, each different throughout the years, illustrating their idea of an ideal in order to tell their story. There is no standard over a period of time; rather, the designers choose their models based on an attitude or the confidence those models exude, as they attempt to translate a vision and tell a story. It’s personal and relative to them, and much like any other art form, you decide whether or not it appeals to you.

Appearance is a matter of personal opinion and shouldn't have any merit on who we wish to be or who we are. You are and your body is a sum of everything you are — your heritage, life-altering experiences such as childbirth, hormonal fluctuations that no one can escape, and experiences. Your body is your story, unique as the mind that guides you, and your experiences dictate each chapter. It’s something worth loving and celebrating, but to loathe or show disdain for your shape is the same as squashing your story and your heritage and who you are. I find that incredibly heartbreaking.

We all have unique genetic code, history and heritage. Feeling good and looking good may sometimes go hand in hand, but it’s important to consider why. I’m not sure this has to do so much with size of the individual as much as it has to do with a feeling, a certain embracing of every inch of your body, and finding what you love to wear.

Confidence equals beauty. The faster we realize the relativity that is size, the sooner we can all get on with our lives and embrace our bodies. Exercise for health, dress for you and no one else, and soon your confidence will be boosted, and you will become more beautiful and enviable.

Bess Clark is the owner and chief fashion curator at Coterie, a Boutique. She has had the pleasure of serving the fashion needs of local women of all ages and shapes for more than three years. Visit Clark and her team of stylists in Magothy Gateway at 147-C Ritchie Highway in Severna Park. The boutique is open seven days a week.

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