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Orhan Omer Drives Chartwell Community Association Forward

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December 9, 2010
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By Hayley Gable
Severna Park resident Orhan Omer has always believed in rolling up his sleeves to lend a hand. So when he and his family moved to the Chartwell community in 2002, Omer made sure to apply that same belief.
“At the time, my wife and I were expecting our first child and I really wanted to make sure my children were going to grow up in a great neighborhood, so, of course, I volunteered to help,” he said.

Since joining the Chartwell Community Association as a Board Member in 2003, the full-time attorney and father of three has dealt with issues such as the proposed widening of Benfield Road, sink hole problems on St. Andrew’s Road, and changes to the Chartwell Community Covenants. Additionally, Omer is responsible for making sure all homes are properly insured and landscaping is regularly maintained. He also administers the special community benefit district, which covers the cost of operations.
“A lot of it is hum-drum stuff that many people find boring, but it has to be done,” said Omer. “My outlook is that if you really want something done, you should be prepared to do it yourself,” he commented.
As one of twelve Chartwell residents who currently serve on the board, Omer and his fellow members also organize several neighborhood social events throughout the year. A Wine Tasting, Chili Cook-Off, Fall Festival, Children’s Halloween Parade and Summer Bar-BQ are just some of the exciting events he puts in order each year.
Fellow Community Association Members and Chartwell neighbors Bill Samples and Marion Kay both praise Omer for his work ethic, dedication and spirit.
“Orhan is one of those people who believes in giving back to the community. He is always willing to help others and while he has definite opinions, he is always respectful of differing points of view,” stated Chartwell Community Association member Marion Kay.
“His volunteerism, dedication, and energy are a valuable asset, not just to Chartwell but all of Severna Park. He works hard to make the community a better place for its residents and is willing to listen to all concerns and opinions. When issues arise he works tirelessly to resolve them and ensures that all parties involved have had ample opportunity to participate in the outcome,” said Bill Samples, President of the Chartwell Community Association.
Ultimately, Omer hopes to see more of his neighbors step up and help out in the future. Currently, there is sufficient space for up to seven additional members on the Community Association Board.
“We have over 650 homes in Chartwell, so there’s a good amount of work to be done. I would love to see more people volunteer,” he said.
Aside from his volunteerism within Chartwell, Omer is also involved with Benfield Elementary School’s Citizens Advisory Committee and also with the Green Hornets Athletic Association.
“It’s a wonderful feeling to have a great sense of belonging within your neighborhood. Severna Park is a place I would never leave,” he said.

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