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  • For her years-long work with Children’s Theatre of Annapolis, Holly Baca received September’s Volunteer of the Month award from Voice Assistant Editor Zach Sparks.
    Rob Odle
    For her years-long work with Children’s Theatre of Annapolis, Holly Baca received September’s Volunteer of the Month award from Voice Assistant Editor Zach Sparks.

Holly Baca Gives Life To The Children’s Theatre Of Annapolis Stage

Rob Odle
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September 7, 2016

For Holly Baca, theater is a lifelong pursuit.

A native of California, Baca and her family moved to Arnold 12 years ago and set their roots not only in the Capri Estates neighborhood but also in the local theater scene.

Looking to get her children involved in performing, Baca brought her two sons and one daughter to the Children’s Theatre of Annapolis (CTA) on the advice of a friend.

The trio of children soon found themselves starring in various theater productions, and Baca found herself on the same stage, volunteering diligently behind the scenes.

“I love being a part of the theater, and I wanted to be back there with the kids. We’re just those kinds of people,” Baca said of her family. “Our kids play baseball and we don’t sit on the sidelines; my husband coached!”

Baca’s children have since moved on from their CTA days, but Holly remains as involved as ever. She now holds the prestigious title of executive producer, a role that allows her to screen and select “every person that is involved in the production.” Her position can be closely compared to a hiring manager, as it is her duty to compile the production team, which consists of costume, lighting, stage and prop managers, as well as artistic staff such as directors and chorographers.

Baca has served as CTA’s executive producer for four years now, and she has held a seat on the nonprofit’s board for seven years. She said that her performance background has led her to pursue and enjoy these many endeavors with the CTA, but it’s the program itself that keeps her around.

“I really enjoy working for this organization,” Baca said. “Being in the theater, being part of the creative process and working with such amazing volunteers that are also creative is just fun. I’ve made really good friends through this theater.”

But creating fun and friendship aren’t Baca’s only goals for her volunteerism. “Part of my goal when I took on the executive producer position was to help this organization grow and expand in their productions, and I really feel like that has been emerging,” Baca explained. “We have sold-out audiences and we have really great productions that are getting great reviews, and so that’s how I want to see it continue. I want to see CTA as a household name and as a draw for kids in the community.”

Baca is proud to see the strides CTA has made to become a staple in the local theater community. She acknowledges that the improvements to the program have certainly been a group effort, but she is extremely proud to have a leading role in the improvement process. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s so much fun to see this organization expand,” Baca said with a smile. “We’re a nonprofit organization so to see us grow and provide this experience for the talent that comes in … is a fantastic feeling.”

Baca, who holds a full-time job as an occupational therapy assistant, plans to continue her service for years to come, and will even be taking on new roles in the near future.

The executive producer will soon take on the title of director for CTA’s production of “James and the Giant Peach,” which runs from April 28 until May 7. “It’ll be great because I know the team very well. I know their capabilities, I know their talents and I know what I can expect from them,” Baca said.

Though she loves her role as executive producer, Baca is extremely excited to take on the Roald Dahl classic. “It’s such a quirky show,” she said. “My head is just spinning with creative ideas!”

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