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Food Truck Tuesday Rolls Into Town To Offer Family Dining Experience

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May 3, 2017

Update on Food Truck Tuesdays: Back At Earleigh Heights
You might have heard the rumor, and we've just confirmed it: Food Truck Tuesdays is back at Earleigh Heights Fire Hall. After its wildly successful opening day drew about 3,000 people to Kinder Farm Park, clogging up roadways for miles around, Food Truck Tuesdays seemed to be too big for a location accessible only by single-lane roads. But now H2 Markets has decided to take the event back to the place where it all started, and beginning Tuesday, May 23, at 4:00pm, Food Truck Tuesdays will be at Earleigh Heights every week through the fall. "We will have even more trucks and this year we have air-conditioned indoor seating in the hall," promised the team at H2 Markets. 

Update From May 4
Nobody expected the opening of Food Truck Tuesdays’ second season to be so popular. An estimated 3,000 people descended on Kinder Farm Park on Tuesday, May 2, exceeding parking limitations and causing traffic backups for miles. “The crowd was fantastic, but we have to figure out how to accommodate everyone,” said Colleen Joseph, chief of marketing and events with Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks.
Although rumors began to circulate that Food Truck Tuesdays would be cancelled for the remainder of the season, both H2 Markets, which coordinates the trucks, and the Department of Recreation and Parks agree that Food Truck Tuesdays will continue; however, changes do have to happen.
H2 Markets has decided to take a week off from holding the event, skipping Tuesday, May 9, to plan how to accommodate the immense interest for future weeks. “Anne Arundel County has no intention of pulling the plug on it, nor do we,” said Scott Hariton of H2 Markets.
Hariton added that the 2017 opening of Food Truck Tuesdays was the largest single outpouring of people his company has ever seen, taking him and his business partner, Chad Houck, by surprise. “We were completely overrun,” he said. “The trucks did great, everyone did great, but parking was a logistical nightmare because we weren’t prepared for it … It was our greatest success and greatest failure.”
For now, the plan is for Food Truck Tuesdays to resume at Kinder Farm Park, but the Department of Recreation and Parks hopes to find a bigger place. “We’re trying to find within our properties a place that might be a better fit and better to accommodate them,” said Joseph, who estimated 1,000 people had to be turned away on May 2 because the crowd was already too big. If another property can’t be found, the organizers agreed they needed to find a solution for directing traffic so that Jumpers Hole Road and other streets are not congested.
For the latest updates, find and like “Food Truck Tuesdays” on Facebook.

Few things say summer like delicious food options offered during the Food Truck Tuesdays experience. Starting on May 2 and continuing throughout the summer, a caravan of food trucks rolls into Kinder Farm Park, the site for the 2017 season, every Tuesday night to fill the air with the aromas of many delicacies from around the world.

The move from Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company to Kinder Farm Park was due, in part, to customer feedback. Scott Hariton from H2Markets said, “Last year we heard from customers that they would like more seating and easier parking. Kinder Farm Park offers both; more paved parking and two pavilions that each seat 100 people. We also have access to the playground and restroom facilities, which is a much better location for families.”

Locals who often frequent Kinder know that the park has been closed on Tuesdays, but Park Superintendent Bill Offutt said it will open at 4:00pm and will remain open until 8:00pm just for the Tuesday food trucks. The park will remain closed during the day.

Offutt also said usual gate fee will be waived for Food Truck Tuesdays, so the event is still free to attend.

“We’ve got more than 250 parking spaces,” said Offutt, “and plenty of pavilion and grass seating for a very comfortable family dining experience. But if you just want to grab dinner on the way home, we can easily accommodate takeout.” Offutt, however, is partial to the beautiful and serene park setting.

The new location can also accommodate several additional food trucks. Last season’s favorites — Greek on the Street, Beef on the Street, Crabtown Curbs Cuisine, Diner on the Go, T & J Waffles, Smoking Swine, Chubby’s, Flavor Cupcakery, Deja Roux, All Fired Up Brick Oven Pizza, Funnel Fare and Pasta La Vista Baby — will all be Tuesday regulars.

Uncle B’s BBQ, Bistro Lunchbox, Pizza Di Joey, Koco Korean Fusion and Slider Girl will make their Food Truck Tuesdays debut this season.

Whether it’s Greek, pit beef or turkey, subs, seafood, upscale diner food, sweet and savory liege waffles, barbecue, Mexican, cupcakes, Creole, pizza, gourmet sliders, funnel cakes, Korean, gourmet sandwiches and salads, or Italian, Kinder Farm Park will be the weekday food court of choice in the area.

If all of this food sounds tempting, guests will have throughout the summer to sample all of the delicacies. Look for flag banners at the entrance of the park, or simply follow your nose through the main gate to find one of the largest gatherings of diverse food trucks anywhere in the area.

Tuesday diners will have full access to the park amenities and attractions, such as the playground, 4H barns and restrooms. Guests on the sports complex side of the park are invited to drop in before or after their scheduled sporting event.

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