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  • After a change of ownership and complete renovation several years ago, Szechuan Inn offers a fancy new atmosphere where customers can enjoy freshly prepared food and good service.
    Dylan Roche
    After a change of ownership and complete renovation several years ago, Szechuan Inn offers a fancy new atmosphere where customers can enjoy freshly prepared food and good service.

Szechuan Inn Takes Care Of Its Customers

Dylan Roche
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May 3, 2017

Before Szechuan Inn reopened in its current incarnation and under its current ownership, Severna Park residents who craved authentic Chinese food would head to Lee’s Szechuan on Old Mill Road in Millersville.

But those customers wanted as great an option closer to home. “We received a lot of phone calls from Severna Park customers requesting us to deliver to here, but we were not able to, which was sad,” said Kim Chen, general manager of Szechuan Inn. “We had so many customers who said, ‘Oh, we tried your food. It’s excellent. We couldn’t find anything better than you.’”

As luck would have it, a friend of the family, David Fung, was getting ready to retire and sell Szechuan Inn on Benfield Road. Chen’s husband, Jian, and Jian’s two older brothers, Jayden and Ethan, decided to buy the restaurant, making Chen herself the general manager and bringing their family’s much-loved Chinese food to the Severna Park market.

The first step was a full renovation of Szechuan Inn. “We tore down the whole restaurant except the outside building, and we redid everything from the ceiling to the ground,” Chen said.

But even though the interior has a fancy new look, it’s really the delicious food and attentive service that keeps the customers coming back. “When people come here, they can taste the freshness of our food,” Chen said, explaining that nothing on the menu comes from a can or a freezer, and even the sauces and soups are made early each morning.

Additionally, the staff has been trained to be patient and helpful. Chen explained how this is especially helpful when dealing with ethnic dining. “Our sushi bar is a new addition, and a lot of Severna Park people, especially the older generation, have never tried sushi before,” she said. “We’re trying to introduce them from cooked to raw, little by little, and explain to them what real sushi is and how you eat it.”

As a Severna Park resident herself, Chen appreciates that her customers are also her neighbors. “There are nice people around this community,” she said. “Most of the families have kids, and they understand how to treat others.” It’s especially nice for her to see big families going out to dinner as a group. “I don’t see that much in the United States,” she said, “but in Severna Park, it happens.”

She, her husband and her brothers-in-law have also made an effort to give back to the community through donations to local schools and nonprofit organizations such as the American Legion. “People come here to support us, and we want to support them back,” she said.

Although they’ve operated Szechuan Inn for three years now, Chen and her husband and her brothers-in-law are still looking for ways to improve. She plans to put a feedback box in the front of the restaurant soon to get feedback — both positive and negative — from her customers. “If they have any problems, big or small, we always want to solve them,” she said.

Chen encourages those who have never tried Szechuan Inn to visit or find and like “Szechuan Inn Severna Park” on Facebook to look at the menu and get a sense of the new atmosphere. The best option, however, is to visit in person at 558 Benfield Road in Severna Park between 11:00am and 10:00pm Monday through Thursday, 11:00am and 11:00pm Friday, noon and 11:00pm Saturday or noon and 10:00pm Sunday. “Every year, our business is getting better and better,” Chen said. “Hopefully, more and more people will know us.”

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