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  • Zachary Zahradka (left) and Glen Rhoades are two employees of Raymond C. Maule Elevators, locally owned by Tom Lindsay (not pictured) of Round Bay.
    Zachary Zahradka (left) and Glen Rhoades are two employees of Raymond C. Maule Elevators, locally owned by Tom Lindsay (not pictured) of Round Bay.

RMC Elevators Has Been Rising Up For 10 Years

June 28, 2017

Raymond C. Maule (RCM) Elevators of Severna Park is celebrating 10 years of ownership by Tom Lindsay of Round Bay. Lindsay purchased the company on June 3, 2007, from his cousin Raymond Maule, who is the grandson of the company’s founder.

RCM elevators was founded in 1929 and lasted through the Great Depression, working on small construction jobs in Baltimore City, focusing on building handicapped-accessible entryways for houses.

The company continued to thrive doing construction work until the mid-1950s when it installed its first elevator. Since the first elevator, RCM has focused primarily on handicapped-accessibility solutions. However, RCM has also installed elevators for many high-end and middle-class homes. All the elevators are custom-made, which makes a retro fit in a current home possible. For example, RMC had a local customer who owned a split-foyer home and would have probably had to move had it not been for the elevator installed. That customer was able to stay in the home another 10 years.

Custom home elevators and lifts allow residents to remain living in their home and ultimately enhance the value of the home. The home elevator industry has had many positive changes in regard to safety, reliability and quality.

RCM Elevators also installs many wheelchair lifts for churches and small businesses. This allows easier access for members of the congregations and patrons of small businesses. Most businesses are required to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and RCM is able to offer many affordable solutions to help with this.

Since purchasing the company, Lindsay has motivated his workforce by creating a family atmosphere among his employees. Due to this mentality, Inclinator Elevator Manufacturing has recognized RCM Elevators as a top-five dealer in the nation for the past 10 years. This achievement has also been facilitated by the location of RCM headquarters in Severna Park, which allows convenient service to Baltimore, Annapolis and the Eastern Shore.

Although Lindsay has no trouble traveling to ensure a customer’s needs are met, he also finds himself installing quite a few products in homes right in Severna Park — a fact he is quite proud of. “It means a lot to me that my neighbors trust me to work within their homes,” Lindsay said.

For more information, visit www.rcmelevators.com.

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