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  • When reflecting on his decade of operation at Severna Park Market Center, Dr. Allan Rutzen said he is most proud of the life-changing care he and his fellow doctors have provided to patients.
    When reflecting on his decade of operation at Severna Park Market Center, Dr. Allan Rutzen said he is most proud of the life-changing care he and his fellow doctors have provided to patients.

Ophthalmologist Allan Rutzen Celebrates 10 Years Of Success Stories

Zach Sparks
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August 10, 2017

A decade after founding Rutzen Eye Specialists & Laser Center in Severna Park Market Center off of Ritchie Highway, Dr. Allan Rutzen still believes that he is carrying out the mission that inspired him to join the ophthalmology profession more than 20 years ago.

“Some of the most gratifying experiences we have are those patients that we refer to as success stories - patients who have lost sight due to cataracts or corneal conditions who undergo cataract surgery or a corneal transplant and then can see well again,” explained Rutzen, who, as a medical student, sought a career that would enable him to help people.

Throughout the years, Rutzen has done just that, sometimes taking people on the brink of blindness and opening their eyes to a whole new world of vision. Aiding him in that effort is technology, one of the biggest changes he has witnessed during his time in the industry. With the emergence of lasers, ultrasound imaging and other 21st century technologies, Rutzen is able to pinpoint eye problems such as glaucoma, corneal conditions, cataracts and macular degeneration.

“Advances in imaging allow us to take microscopic pictures of the cornea and retina, enabling us to properly diagnose eye conditions,” Rutzen said. “In addition, state-of-the-art measuring devices are used to accurately determine the power of the implant lens used at the time of cataract surgery so that many of our patients do not need glasses to see after surgery.”

In fall 2014, Dr. Jacey Hanna joined Rutzen, operating with the same mindset of giving people the best possible eye care. “She is a fantastic doctor and has a great bedside manner,” Rutzen said of Hanna. “She’s just a wonderful clinician whether she’s treating people in the office or in surgery. Patients really love her.”

Over the last decade, whether it was Hanna or another staff member, Rutzen meticulously selected employees who put patients at ease.

“We select our people based on kind and compassionate personalities,” Rutzen said. “We want the right person who is empathetic and kind. We hear from a lot of patients that our staff is the friendliest, most patient and most knowledgeable they have encountered.”

Unlike a person’s personality, knowledge can be taught. Almost every clinical staff member at Rutzen Eye Specialists & Laser Center is a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant, and all of them undergo ongoing extensive training.

“Most of our staff has been here three years or longer because it's a great place to work, and they enjoy what they do,” Rutzen added. “I give credit to our office manager, Tanya Kelly, who is, in large part, responsible for the great experience that patients have from start to finish.”

When emergencies arise, Rutzen or Hanna can see patients the same day. They hope that level of commitment will allow them to continue serving patients for years to come.

“We want to take care of more people,” Rutzen said. “We deal mainly with the problems in the front part of the eye, and there a lot of people in need of that type of care.”

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