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  • Kyndle Quinones and her team with Primary Residential Mortgage are settling in to their new office in at the Severna Park Market Center.
    Photo by Dylan Roche
    Kyndle Quinones and her team with Primary Residential Mortgage are settling in to their new office in at the Severna Park Market Center.

Kyndle Quinones Steps Into New Position With Primary Residential Mortgage

Dylan Roche
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March 8, 2017

Ninety five percent relationship and 5 percent business.

That’s the breakdown Kyndle Quinones gives when describing her approach to mortgage loan origination. For going on 16 years serving the Anne Arundel County area, the Severna Park resident has sought to make the process of getting a mortgage a little less intimidating and a little friendlier.

“I really want to do justice for families,” she said. “That’s the biggest investment of your life, other than getting married and having children. It’s one of the scariest, and we [loan originators] come across as scary people. However, I want that to be softened. … I go over their goals, go over their budget; I want to be sure that they’re comfortable.”

That caring approach has made Quinones a standout in the industry, and her success has now led her to her latest venture — as a branch manager and loan officer with Primary Residential Mortgage.

Quinones started her career in 2001, and in her 15 years in the industry, she has funded $425 million in residential mortgages. But in fall 2016, she was approached by Primary Residential Mortgage.

“When I was approached,” she recalled, “I was intrigued because they’re a nationally based company with an opportunity to grow my own local branch. … They did not have a footprint in Anne Arundel County. I, however, have had a footprint in Anne Arundel County for 15 years. … Long story short, here I am.” She accepted the offer on November 8.

Given the option of opening her office anywhere in Anne Arundel County, Quinones chose Severna Park, the place she has called home for 11 years, where her two children go to school, where she serves as volunteer commissioner of Green Hornets girls lacrosse and where she plans to be an active and philanthropic community member on behalf of her business.

After a search of the area with a commercial real estate agent, she found her new professional home on the second floor of the Severna Park Market Center, and with free rein to hire her staff and design her office, she set about creating a welcoming, productive atmosphere with an experienced assistant, paralegal and processor she hired. “We have a really good engine that’s going to run here,” she said of her team.

In designing her office, Quinones equipped her waiting room with workstations for real estate agents who might need a place to stop and check something off their to-do lists. “I work with a lot of agents out of the Keller Williams office in Millersville, and they do a lot of business in Pasadena,” she explained. “I wanted them to have a place where they could stop in, update their listings, meet with clients and not have to worry about going back to Millersville. I wanted to be a midpoint.” “I am also right across the street from one of my best referral partners in the industry, it’s super convenient for our clients.”

The three months since Quinones stepped into her new role — before moving into her office on February 20, she was working remotely — she’s seen an increase in her purchase business, making her excited to go out and tell the community what she’s doing, and the month of March has been a record-breaking month in her career, which, she noted, is especially exciting for her at a time when she’s going through a transition.

Quinones now serves all of Maryland, D.C., Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida, but even though her service area is broad and she’s rated in the top 1 percent of mortgage originators in America, according to Mortgage Executive Magazine, she’s happy to concentrate her marketing in Severna Park right now. “I want, when people need a lender, they think of me,” she said. “When you need a realtor, there are a couple of names I could throw out there quickly. I want to be that local girl that everyone can go to.”

Her hope is to cross-market with other local businesses, and to lead the way in community improvement projects by either organizing or sponsoring service projects. As an example, she cited Keller Williams’ annual Red Day, in which offices are closed down so that employees can go out to volunteer. “I want to do a day when we get business partners in the area, we all get together and we all refurbish a bench on the B&A Trail or we beautify the lawn at a school and we give back.”

She also specifically mentioned her former colleague and Severna Park community member Chuck Nossick, who was killed in a car accident in 2015. His passing, she explained, left “a big void” among all the originators in Maryland who knew him, and she hopes to do a service project in Severna Park that will honor him. “I want to live his legacy out,” she said.

For Quinones, the volunteer efforts and the professional work helping people secure mortgages are all connected because she ultimately sees it all as helping people. “I’m not doing it for the numbers; I’m doing it for the people, to make sure they have somebody they can trust and who can put a face with a name.”

Those who want to contact Quinones at her new office can send her an email at or give her a call at 443-254-0381.

“I’m really big on putting my hand out, saying hello,” she said. “I didn’t lose a single referral partner when I moved, which I thought I would.”

On the contrary, her new position only further testified to the difference she has made in the industry — and what sets her apart from others — when more than 85 of her referral partners and friends attended her a welcoming party at Chart House. She was approached by a friend who told her, “There are some loan officers that talk the talk, but I’ve never seen one who walks the walk. People love you.”

“And it made me feel great because it made me feel that I am making a difference,” Quinones recalled. “When I check out, I want to make sure I made a difference. That’s a big deal for me.”

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