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Dr. Strier Marks 20 Years With Baltimore Washington Eye Center

Dylan Roche
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August 10, 2017

After Dr. Shari Strier finished optometry school in 1995 and then did her yearlong residency at Baltimore VA Medical Center, she started work at Baltimore Washington Eye Center in Glen Burnie. Twenty years later, she’s still there and has no plans of leaving.

“As an optometrist, you can practice in a couple of different modalities,” Strier said. “Some optometrists really love working with contact lenses or doing routine care, which is something I do enjoy, but I also enjoy doing the ocular disease part of eye care. Being at a primary care practice that has ophthalmology and optometry — we have three surgeons on staff here and our own surgical center — I was able to do both pieces of what I love. … Being in this kind of setting allowed me to see a broad spectrum of eye care patients, and that’s what I really wanted to do.”

Over the years that she has been with Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Strier has developed a following of patients, some of whom Strier saw as children and who are now grown and bringing their own children for eye appointments. She also has a family of five generations whom she treats. Most notable, however, are the people who have moved out of the area but keep coming back to Glen Burnie for their eye care. Strier has patients who come from Montana, West Virginia, New Hampshire and even Italy. “That long-term connection is what I’m most proud of and what is most special to me,” she said.

Looking forward, Strier hopes to establish the same practice at Baltimore Washington Eye Center’s Ellicott City location. She also expects the next two decades to be as rewarding as the first two. “I’m pretty sure I’ll be here for another 20 years,” she said.

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