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  • Laura Cutchall brought Club Pilates to Maryland so she could help a range of clients, from runners or cyclists to those in the midst of physical therapy.
    Photos by Rob Odle
    Laura Cutchall brought Club Pilates to Maryland so she could help a range of clients, from runners or cyclists to those in the midst of physical therapy.

Club Pilates Offers Health Benefits To Individuals Of All Abilities

Rob Odle
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March 8, 2017

Though the interior is trendy, well-decorated and modern, Club Pilates is not just a flashy exercise studio. The club is home to numerous experienced instructors and top-of-the-line contemporary Pilates equipment that exists to help patrons meet all of their fitness goals.

Founded in 2015 by owner Laura Cutchall, Club Pilates actually hails from the sunny shores of California.

Cutchall, a native of Anne Arundel County, had been working as a physical therapist in San Diego prior to her move back to Maryland two years ago. She began practicing Pilates at Club Pilates, still a West Coast exclusive at the time, and she realized the benefits that the workout could have on her patients who were recovering from injury.

“They wanted a place where they could start getting back into exercise – a place that was safe, where they wouldn’t hurt themselves but could continue to rehabilitate their bodies,” Cutchall explained. “I realized that [Club Pilates] was a good thing for them.”

Elaborating, Cutchall said that referrals to Club Pilates were a rousing success, and many of her patients were seeing incredible results thanks to the workouts. “They were coming back happy and you could tell they were progressing,” she said.

Upon moving back to Maryland, Cutchall also thought that she was ready to make a career change. She purchased franchise rights directly from the founder of Club Pilates and quickly established the second Club Pilates on the East Coast upon her return to the state in 2015. “A location in Florida beat me just by a few months,” Cutchall said, remarking that she almost had the first franchise on the Eastern Seaboard.

The decision to change careers from a physical therapist to a business owner was one sparked by many interests and plenty of curiosity, but mostly it was because Cutchall had developed such a passion for the club.

“The business itself was scary for me because I’m not a business person,” Cutchall admitted, “but I did it because of my passions. That’s what’s so great about it — [Club Pilates] is something that I love and it married very well with physical therapy.”

Club Pilates works so well for both Cutchall and clients because of its sheer accessibility and varying levels of difficulty.

“Everybody comes in with different personal goals,” Cutchall remarked. She added that clients range in ability from runners or cyclists looking to build their core muscles to those in the midst of physical therapy who need a slow and easy workout to repair their body.

To accommodate all these abilities, Club Pilates offers varying levels of intensity – as well as private classes – to ensure that all individuals are able to participate at their skill level. “Restor-ilates,” in fact, is ideal for those working through injuries or those looking to get back into exercise. “People can come in with no experience and we’ll get you going,” Cutchall said.

In addition to getting her cliental up and moving, Cutchall strives to uplift her community as well.

“We try to get out as much as we can. We do a lot of donations,” Cutchall said. Club Pilates has given to the Kiwanis club, Windsor Farm Elementary School, Sarah’s House, local Boy Scout troops and more. “It’s nice to give back,” Cutchall explained. “I want to be a part of the community and just support people – it makes a change in their lives.”

Cutchall hopes to expand her community service in the future and better the lives of those around her, especially those involved with animal-focused charities.

Until then, Cutchall looks to continue providing a wonderful service to all members of the Severna Park community and beyond.

“If people get in to any form of exercise and moving, they’re going to feel better about their bodies,” Cutchall said. “Pilates is a safe and effective way of getting back into exercise and the things you love to do.”

Club Pilates is located at 454-B Ritchie Highway in Severna Park. A full list of classes and hours is available at Call 410-648-4400 or email for more information.

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