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  • Russell Bear, president of Bear Landscaping, advises early spring cleanups especially after a long, cold winter.
    Photo by Dylan Roche
    Russell Bear, president of Bear Landscaping, advises early spring cleanups especially after a long, cold winter.

Bear Landscaping Takes The Bear Out Of Winter

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April 8, 2015

This past year’s unrelenting winter is finally over, but outdoor trees, landscapes and hardscapes may have taken a harder beating than normal. Right now, during early spring, is the best time to prepare for the summer growing season, and the outdoors shouldn’t be forgotten as part of the annual spring cleaning ritual.

Bear Landscaping Inc. is a locally operated, licensed tree expert service that provides a wide range of outdoor spring-cleaning, landscaping and hardscaping services. “We recommend doing early spring cleanups,” advised Russell Bear, president of Bear Landscaping. “You might find a few more problems after a hard winter like we had.”

At this time of the year, Bear Landscaping specializes in inspecting and clearing out the deadwood in trees and performing other services that are beneficial to the health of landscapes, such as cutting ornamental grasses and mulching before any new growth starts.

Bear Landscaping’s tree-care service includes tree pruning, tree removal and stump grinding. Tree-care work pertains to all aspects of achieving the maximum health of trees, including proper fertilization and pest/disease control.

“A lot of harm can result from pruning trees improperly,” warned Bear. “Pruning trees is a bit like doctoring, in the sense that your first concern is to do no harm. Pruning trees requires an artist’s touch and a scientist's mind.”

Now is also an ideal time to mulch gardens. Landscape mulch is used as a protective cover to help modify the effects of climate, protect against weed growth and block evaporation of water from the soil. Like many other projects, preparation is the key to a successful job. Bear Landscaping can edge out, weed and clean planting beds before mulching to obtain optimal results. The company can also mulch children’s play areas by installing playground mulch - made of either wood chips or rubberized mulch - underneath playground areas to help protect children.

Other year-round services include residential and commercial landscaping, hardscaping, ground maintenance and installations. The company also sells firewood and does concrete work, dumpster roll-off services and commercial snow removal, and offers a Bobcat service.

Emergency storm-damage tree cleanups are another service offered by Bear Landscaping. “Many homeowners are often tempted to clean up their own yard,” Bear indicated. “However, storm damage can be tedious, extremely time-consuming and even dangerous.”

Whether the project is big or small, customers can let Bear Landscaping help them with any concrete work, such as designing and building patios, retaining walls, walkways or driveways. “Concrete work can be satisfying after viewing a finished construction project that has turned out well,” said Bear. “But it can also be frustrating for beginners who take the plunge without adequate preparation.”

Bear, who grew up in Severn, founded Bear Landscaping in 1989. It originally specialized in snow removal and lawn maintenance and eventually expanded into landscaping and hardscaping services. Although it serves all of Anne Arundel County, the bulk of its clients are located in Severna Park, Millersville, Annapolis, Glen Burnie and Hanover. The company offers free estimates and one-on-one consultations for all outdoor needs.

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Bear Landscaping at 410-365-1212 or, or visit

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