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  • Cory Stephens said he is sad to leave Glen Burnie, where Anne Arundel County Farm, Lawn and Garden Center has operated for 90 years, but he is excited to expand to a larger location in Severna Park.
    Cory Stephens said he is sad to leave Glen Burnie, where Anne Arundel County Farm, Lawn and Garden Center has operated for 90 years, but he is excited to expand to a larger location in Severna Park.

Anne Arundel County Farm, Lawn & Garden Center Sets Sights On New Home

Dylan Roche
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November 3, 2017

Longstanding Glen Burnie Business Makes The Move To Severna Park

Much has changed in Anne Arundel County since the 1920s, but even though what was once just an expanse of farmland between Baltimore and Annapolis has grown into a thriving, bustling community, its residents have never outgrown a need and a want to take care of what grows out of the earth. It’s one of the reasons Anne Arundel County Farm, Lawn & Garden Center has flourished for more than 90 years in Glen Burnie.

And it’s one of the reasons that owner Cory Stephens is excited to be making the move to a new location in Severna Park that will offer a larger nursery, more parking space and a centralized destination for all residents of Anne Arundel County.

“It’s a bittersweet thing for us to move after all these years,” Stephens said. “Glen Burnie has been great to us.”

As Stephens explained, he did not want to leave Glen Burnie, but with an expired lease and a landlord who wanted to do something different with the property, Stephens knew it was time to find Anne Arundel Lawn & Garden a new home. He praised his landlord, George Wagner, for being so supportive while he sought out a place to move to.

“Our landlord has been wonderful and has been good to this community and good to me through thick and thin,” he said. He also praised his new landlord, Robert Blanchfield Sr., for putting in so much work to be sure 478 Jumpers Hole Road is ready for Anne Arundel Lawn & Garden to move in and open by November 6.

Although leaving Glen Burnie has been sad, Stephens has been warmly welcomed by those living closer to his new location. “We’re overwhelmed with the response we’ve heard from the people of Severna Park — the well wishes and the emails and all of that,” he said. Additionally, he has plans to make sure he is still accessible to his North County customers. “Once we get to Severna Park, we’ll be setting up an economical, almost free, delivery for anyone who doesn’t want to make the trip six miles south, so it isn’t like we’re turning our back on anyone in Glen Burnie,” he said.

In fact, he expects that the Severna Park location will allow him and his crew to serve their customers better than they have before. “The beauty of it is that we’re going to be more centrally located, so our delivery fees in general will be less,” he said. “We’ll have a nice facility with a nice parking lot. We’re going to do a lot of the same things we’ve always done. … It’s going to be a positive move for us, and I love the idea of being a larger nursery and having more room to display things properly.” He indicated that some of the things that set Anne Arundel Lawn & Garden apart are its high-quality grass seeds designed specifically for local soil, the store’s signature birdseed blend, and excellent customer service.

Throughout the end of October, Stephens and his team spent many late nights trying to pack up the store and prepare for the move so that they could be ready for a November 6 opening in Severna Park. Although there are elements of moving that are sad, Stephens is grateful that everything has worked out the way it has. “When we weren’t sure that we were going to have a place to go to, it came to my mind that when a business closes, a little bit of the neighborhood dies,” he said. “When a 90-year-old business closes, a piece of the county dies, and we got very fortunate to find this new spot. We’re excited about it.”

To learn more about Anne Arundel Lawn & Garden, visit or find “A.A. Co. Farm, Lawn and Garden” on Facebook.

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