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  • Alan Lee has more than 20 years of experience working in various area restaurants, but he claims that he loves Beijing the most “because of the people.”
    Alan Lee has more than 20 years of experience working in various area restaurants, but he claims that he loves Beijing the most “because of the people.”

Alan Lee Brings Years Of Experience And Delicious Creativity To Beijing Chinese Restaurant

Rob Odle
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January 11, 2017

Since immigrating to the United States in 1990, Alan Lee has spent almost every waking moment inside a restaurant.

His first job on U.S. soil was at a restaurant, and within five years, he had already started his own eatery in Glen Burnie. Lee’s entrepreneurial journey expanded quickly, and in 2006, he started another venture in Millersville.

For more than 21 years, Lee kept both businesses going strong with his own hard work and dedication to the communities where they were based. “I have a long time of experience,” Lee said.

In 2014, another opportunity planted itself in front of Lee. The owner of Beijing, a Chinese restaurant in Park Plaza, was ready to retire and was looking for a trustworthy businessman to take over his restaurant. “When he started Beijing, I started in Glen Burnie,” Lee said. “He told me he was going to retire, so I took over.” Lee said that he was happy to do a favor for a friend, and take over an established business in what Lee called a “very good location.”

The business immediately took over Lee’s life, and he now spends “all day long” working in Beijing’s kitchen. “I loved working in the kitchen,” Lee said. “I cook a lot because I love cooking.”

Sometimes, Lee said, he’ll even spend time looking up new dishes on the internet – especially YouTube – and make them in the restaurant. Lee said his most recent new recipe is a Chinese noodle dish that he found online.

Lee loves to be at the helm of the kitchen, but he also likes to ensure that all of the food he makes is healthy and delicious.

“We serve really good food. Since I took over, we’ve been using really quality, name-brand foods like Purdue chicken,” Lee explained. He added that he often substitutes healthy alternatives to oil in order to maintain a healthier, less greasy approach to Beijing’s offerings.

Lee is thrilled to have taken over Beijing, as he enjoys being able to serve quality food in the heart of Severna Park. “It’s so nice here, and the people are [great],” Lee said, adding that he enjoys spending time at Beijing more than anywhere else.

To support the community that supports him, Lee hopes to use his ongoing success to give back to local organizations. “I’m looking for [causes], but I don’t know what part I can serve in the community,” he admitted.

Lee said that he has donated to local schools twice since taking over Beijing, but he’d like to do more in the future. “We want to be in this community, but right now, I still cannot find a place,” he said.

For now, though, Lee plans to give back as much as he can — even if he can’t find a cause to contribute to exclusively. “The people help me, so we’re helping each other,” Lee said. “People support us, so we support the people.”

Though he spends much of his week behind the counter and in the kitchen of Beijing, Lee said he never gets tired or bored of it. He expressed love for his customers, and is proud to be able to serve them and exercise his passion for cooking each day. “I’m really enjoying it,” he said.

Beijing Chinese Restaurant is located at 574 Ritchie Highway in the Park Plaza Shopping Center, and is open Sunday through Thursday from 11:00am until 10:00pm and Friday through Saturday from 11:00am until 11:00pm. For more information, 410-544-5550 or visit

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