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  • The Beans family from Arnold will appear on “Family Feud” on October 5.
    Photos courtesy of Family Feud
    The Beans family from Arnold will appear on “Family Feud” on October 5.
  • The Beans family from Arnold will appear on “Family Feud” on October 5.
    Photos courtesy of Family Feud
    The Beans family from Arnold will appear on “Family Feud” on October 5.
  • The Beans family from Arnold will appear on “Family Feud” on October 5.
    Photos courtesy of Family Feud
    The Beans family from Arnold will appear on “Family Feud” on October 5.

Survey Says: Arnold Family Competes On “Family Feud”

Zach Sparks
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October 4, 2017

For members of the Beans family in Arnold, their last name was a source of ridicule growing up, but it recently became the focal point of their bid to appear on the beloved TV game show “Family Feud.”

“As children growing up with the name Beans, we were always teased, so actually it was interesting to get an opportunity based on our name being part of it,” said Miranda Johnson, one of the family’s spunky members.

After submitting a video introducing themselves and mocking the flatulent side effects of consuming beans, the family was selected to audition for “Family Feud.” Their skill and enthusiasm demonstrated, the family members earned an invitation to tape an episode that will air on WBFF Fox45 at 6:00pm on October 5.

Leading the family was patriarch Robert Beans Sr. “I’m a father of 18 children and a retired police officer for 35 years at the Annapolis Police Department and also a navy veteran,” said Robert, “so with that in mind, it was like Papa Beans got to be the one to head up this one and be the first one on the panel.”

Joining him were daughters Angela Edmond and Cassandra Thompson; Angela’s husband, Larry Edmond; and Robert’s granddaughter, Miranda Johnson.

After submitting the video, the family received an offer to travel to a Baltimore hotel for auditions. A producer served as the host, and families competed in practice rounds to vie for a chance to be on TV.

“It is a lot of work to get on the show,” admitted Angela Edmond. “It is not an easy task, because when we went to Baltimore, there had to be over 1,000 people there. Everybody was pushing and shoving, and then to get in that room, you have to have energy and excitement.”

It wasn’t until later that the Beans family received a postcard asking them to fly south to Georgia for a live taping. “Once you’re invited to the taping, there’s still no guarantee that you’re going to be on the show,” Angela added. “This is an audition down to the last minute.”

The Beans family’s energy and wit prevailed, landing them a spot on TV. But the competition began before they entered the studio.

“I think that was one of the best parts was meeting some of the other families that were competing,” Miranda said, “because we would get to the hotel and everybody had on their matching shirts and was like, ‘You’re going down.’ We were competing in the elevator and everything.”

On the day of competition, a limousine driver escorted the Beans fivesome to the Atlanta Civic Center. Participants did not meet host Steve Harvey until he stepped onstage. As is typical on the game show, Harvey asked about each family’s background. Miranda works in accounting for a real estate company, and she shares the same birthday as her oldest daughter. Larry served in the military for 13 years. Angela worked for a health department for 31 years.

“I am known as the Julie McCoy of the family, the love boat cruise director,” Angela joked. “My part-time thing that I do is travel, and cruises are my specialty, so I am a home-based travel agent.”

Last but not least was Cassandra, a wife and mother of two daughters, who has worked at Johns Hopkins in Glen Burnie for 10 years.

Even though the Beans family prepared for “Family Feud” by playing board games, Robert said that still did not simulate the environment of the show.

“The anticipation of your time and how you want to strategize the game, that’s a lot of pressure, more than any group setting at the house,” said Robert, who named the heat under the studio lights as another factor. “You’re looking directly across at the people you are challenging and it’s really exciting.

“When you’re on the set, you are really up against the time,” he continued. “And you try to think of answers, all these things are running at the same time, and you’re trying to listen to what your opponent is saying and making sure that you don’t repeat the same answer, because you have a timeframe that you are going on. So you have to be cognizant of that’s on the board and what has been said already.”

Whether or not they advanced to the Fast Money round and won $20,000 while also earning the chance to play “Family Feud” a second time, they cannot say until the show airs. But they enjoyed the experience.

“I thought that day was very organized,” Cassandra said. “For such a big production, they had everything in order, and it was well put together.”

Added Angela, “We were exhausted by the end of the day, but it was a great family time and it is a great family show.”

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