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Severna Park Native Dru DeCaro Prepares For Grammy Awards

Dylan Roche
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January 9, 2013

By Kathryn Harris

Guitarist, writer, producer, Grammy nominee - these are just a few titles held by Severna Park native Dru DeCaro. The musician has been busy with appearances across the country and is currently preparing for the February 10 Grammy Awards. Recently, DeCaro was back in town for some shows and the Voice was able to catch up with him.

For the past few years, DeCaro has been touring with his friend and mentor, R&B singer Miguel. Most recently, the pair played shows with hip-hop artist Trey Songz at Washington, D.C.’s Constitution Hall and Baltimore’s First Mariner Arena. “[They] were amazing,” DeCaro said of the local concerts. “I had friends and family in attendance.”

When he’s not on a tour bus, DeCaro resides in Studio City, California, which he calls “an awesome little strip of hills nestled between Hollywood and North Hollywood, resting atop the storied stretch of Ventura Boulevard.” He shares his abode with fellow musician Brad Wray, who also hails from Severna Park. The house, which the guys call the launch pad, boasts two recording studios.

“I've been very fortunate to make my living playing and producing music ever since moving to Los Angeles. The career path itself is ever-changing. I’m either touring on the road or producing in the studio, or writing songs for upcoming artists or recording the debut albums for my own bands. But all the while I have managed to make music with an array of talented and driven people and I’ve done it all with some degree of success,” DeCaro said.

“Some degree of success,” however, might just be an understatement — DeCaro was nominated this year for a Grammy award as a producer on Miguel’s new album “Kaleidoscope Dream.” The record is nominated in the Best Urban Contemporary Album category. He calls the nomination the biggest accomplishment of his career thus far. “You might see me on TV performing, you might see me accepting [a Grammy], or you might just see me nervously biting my fingernails,” DeCaro joked.

Yet even with all his success, DeCaro remains true to his Severna Park roots. “I am fortunate to come home to Maryland once every month or two,” he explained. “We do a lot of performing in New York City and Atlanta and all over the east coast, and I generally parlay that into a quick trip to Mom's house, even if only for 12 hours.”

DeCaro’s constant travelling hasn’t stopped him from collaborating and exploring the potential of his creativity. He has two new projects in the works, one an electro band called Smashtronauts and the other an indie-rock band dubbed Monomaniac. Both groups will make their debut in 2013.

DeCaro is optimistic about what’s to come. “My goals in the new year are to release new albums to the public, always become a better singer and player, start investing like the businessman I am not, and to continue to live comfortably solely off the merits of my artistry.”

DeCaro says his main goal is “to never, ever have to do work that I don’t love.” And as long as he’s playing music, it’s clear that DeCaro never will.

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