September 25, 2018
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The Man Who Reads Minds

Monica Resa
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March 6, 2018

Imagine waiting to sit and order your favorite meal, a fried clam sandwich served with a side of fries and blue cheese coleslaw, only to have someone come up to you and share the name of your first pet or the first person you ever kissed. Keep in mind, you’ve neither seen nor spoken to this person before. This is what’s happening at The Point Crab House and Grill two nights a week with mentalist James Scott.

When the restaurant gets busy, wait times can last up to two hours. Each Friday and Saturday evening, between 6:30pm and 8:30pm, the hypnotist and mentalist is making the wait time more bearable as he entertains guests.

“I walk up to a group or a table and typically say, ‘Hi, my name is James. I’m a performer, and I work for The Point,’” Scott explained. “‘I’m a mind reader and hypnotist, and my job is to entertain our guests, compliments of the restaurant. May I show you something really interesting?’

“They typically don’t give me any information,” Scott continued. “Sometimes they merely think of something, and other times, things are written down simply to help the person focus and to provide something that can be shown later as proof or for verification purposes. However, if something is written down, it is hidden from my view the entire time. I’ll guess people’s location of honeymoon, where a couple met, someone’s zodiac sign or favorite movie, phone and ATM PINs, etc.”

Having spent 20 years in the Navy as a journalist, Scott has visited Hawaii and the Balkans and traveled extensively to perform. As a seven-year resident of Arnold, much of his traveling is now done mentally.

“I have been performing professionally as a mind reader since 1994 and as a hypnotist since 2006,” Scott shared. “I am wrong sometimes. It’s not an exact science. But even on a miss, I am usually very close. However, if I do miss on something, I simply move on to something else. Remember, I am dealing with someone’s thoughts here; the human mind is an amazing thing, but it can sometimes be extremely challenging for me to sort through all of the random bits of information that bounce around inside someone’s head to find just the thing I am looking for! My goal is to bring my unique brand of entertainment to local audiences, whether at private parties or corporate events.”

And entertaining he is. “The reactions run the gamut, from shocked silence to screams and applause,” Scott added.

While Scott is a new addition to the team at The Point, he’s already making an impact. “His tricks are good,” said manager Kristen Walter, “and people are always really amazed at what he’s doing. People love it. It’s great!”

Scott has been interested in the power of the mind as long as he can remember. As a child, he found he could pick up on certain details about people. He would often experience what he now knows to be déjà vu.

However, his gift doesn’t come without its challenges. When asked about his gift, he mused about how hard it can be to turn down the constant chatter in his head. When asked about what he says to the skeptics, his reply was, “I simply say, ‘As you watch me perform, you may be wondering if what you are witnessing is all a bunch of smoke and mirrors or if something else is going on. All I can tell you is … I’m not going to tell you.’”

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