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Garry's Grill Offers Tavern Ambiance with Refined Flavor

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May 2, 2012

Story And Photo By Sarah Ross

Garry’s Grill exudes a certain old-world charm like a European pub, yet at the same time has the feel of a neighborhood diner. As we waited to be seated, we overheard a woman saying to her mother, “We’re going to have to bring you back for breakfast – it’s the best!”

The clientele consisted mostly of families; adults with young children or grandparents, and a few older couples. The space itself is small in comparison to most dining rooms but wooden booths carve out an intimate space for each table, lending a privacy not found in most eateries.

For an appetizer, we opted for the Coconut Shrimp ($11); for entrees, we decided on the Southwest Tuna ($18) and the Gorgonzola ’n Bacon Horseradish New York Strip ($21), which our waitress praised as “the best on the menu.”

House salads were provided with both entrees. The salads are worth mention not for only their inventiveness, but for the extremely fresh mushrooms on top. We also found the cinnamon butter served with the bread to be a nice surprise.

The fried Coconut Shrimp arrived sprinkled with large coconut shavings and accompanied by a General Tso’s sauce. The sauce was tasty, but slightly overpowered the sweet coconut taste of the shrimp, somewhat masking rather than enhancing its flavors.

The blackened Southwest Tuna was a delightful change from typical Asian-inspired plates. Cooked to perfection, the tuna was topped with guacamole, tomatoes and cold lump crabmeat. The guacamole, though well-flavored, was a bit salty, especially in combination with the tuna’s crust.

The NY Strip arrived cooked to medium when we had asked for rare. Despite this disappointment, the dish surprised us. The meat was still tender enough, and the gorgonzola, which has the potential to overwhelm one’s palate, was subtle and creamy, and complimented the bacon pieces, which tasted fresh.

For dessert, we wanted to try one of the homemade offerings. They were out of all but two, so we opted for the Kentucky Derby pie, which had a lovely nutty flavor, real pecans, and a golden crust. The bottom layer, composed of dark chocolate chips, created a nice textural contrast to the gooey center. After a few bites, the pie became too sweet for my taste, but it did pair well with coffee.

Although the overall ambiance of the restaurant was wonderful and the food was good, with some carefully crafted details, the service really detracted from the experience. Our waitress dropped us partially through the meal, and a series of ill-timed, inconsistent, distracted visits from other wait staff ensued. However, I am willing to chalk it up to an off night for the wait staff - it happens. Based on the food, the glowing praise of other patrons, and the continued successful reputation within the community, I would definitely return to Garry’s Grill.

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