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  • Blackwall Hitch’s prosciutto and fig pizza has a fresh crust and a nice contrast of toppings, including savory smoked Gouda with figs and caramelized pears.
    Photo by Sharon Mager
    Blackwall Hitch’s prosciutto and fig pizza has a fresh crust and a nice contrast of toppings, including savory smoked Gouda with figs and caramelized pears.

Blackwall Hitch In Annapolis Offers Unique Dining Experience

Sharon Mager
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December 10, 2014

Looking for a unique date destination to impress your significant other? Blackwall Hitch is the answer. It has the “wow” factor in every way.

The ultra-trendy, ultra-chic restaurant, which opened earlier this year, is located on the corner of 6th Street and Severn Avenue just over Spa Creek in Annapolis. The name refers to a blackwall hitch knot that sailors use to connect their boats to the docks. It’s a reference to connections, tying the past to the present, a modern-day, polished new restaurant set in historic Annapolis.

While the building’s exterior gives it the look of just an average restaurant, the inside is quite impressive. The blue-and-white nautical theme gives the place a great, energy-filled vibe. It is open and airy with many windows, and is accented by blue glass, crystal chandeliers and lots of hanging lights. There are two large dining areas, a classy modern bar and several little dining nooks. A large staircase leads to a private dining area and rooftop dining.

We sat at a booth - but what a booth it was! There was plenty of room and wide, deep seats. Blue mason jars were set out for water, adding a rustic touch.

Our waiter, Kenny, couldn’t have been better. He was fast, kind and friendly. He joked around with us and was kind to our energetic toddler. He gave us a rundown of crowd favorites, as well as a few of his own.

Kenny suggested the Pearfect, a pear martini. My dining companion said a little more alcohol would have helped it live up to its name, but then again, it was early in the afternoon. Cinnamon and lime rubbed on the rim gave it a great crackly sweet taste. It was smooth and perfectly sweet.

For starters, Kenny suggested a creamed salmon soup, a special for the afternoon. It was a first for salmon soup for me, but it’s a new favorite. Rich, creamy and full of smoked salmon flavor, it hit the spot perfectly.

My dining companion ordered a cheesy crab dip that came in its own wrought-iron pan with artisan bread as well as vegetables. The dip was creamy, crumbly and hot with a toasty top - a nice starter.

Kenny said his personal favorite menu item is the braised short rib. He also mentioned the Tomahawk for Two, a giant 40-ounce bone-in rib-eye. He laughed and said it’s very good and looks like something from “The Flintstones.” I know many men who would love that challenge.

Asked about the most popular entrée, Kenny suggested mahi-mahi fish tacos. I’m not a fish taco lover, but since it was a people-pleaser, I went for it. It was excellent. The plate came with three large soft tacos with blackened Cajun mahi-mahi, corn salsa, avocado and feta, topped with pico de gallo and an avocado sour cream drizzle. The avocado drizzle added a real zip to the tacos. It also came with a spicy, unique slaw. I’ve never had a fish taco that I raved over, but this one was one of the best.

My friend had a prosciutto and fig pizza. The crust and cheese were very fresh. Figs and caramelized pears added a surprise sweet contrast to the savory smoked Gouda cheese. It was good, but it seemed to be missing something and the overall taste was a bit less flavorful than we expected.

The only real disappointment was the dessert. We chose an apple dumpling with ice cream. It wasn’t warmed and was more doughy than flakey.

The bill came to about $90, a little high for a midday meal, but we could have saved if we took out the alcohol. Both meals were very large and we had enough left over for dinner.

Blackwall Hitch is located at 400 6th Street in Annapolis and is open 11:00am to midnight Sunday through Tuesday and 11:00am to 2:00am Wednesday through Saturday. The restaurant has live music Wednesday through Sunday and a Sunday jazz brunch with live music from 10:00am to 2:00pm. For more information, call 410-263-3454 or visit www.theblackwallhitch.com.

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