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Berrywood Boutique Dazzles Vendors, And Shoppers Too

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December 9, 2010

By Maribel C. Ibrahim
For more than 33 years, the Berrywood Boutique has been an annual mainstay in Severna Park. This intimate gathering, held the weekend before Thanksgiving, features jewelry, photography and other unique craft items. Participants pride themselves by giving back to the community and the Boutique is a calm respite before the frantic chaos of the holidays.

Joane Roskam, a Berrywood resident since 1977, remembers the early days of the Boutique. As a member of the Berrywood Women’s Club, Roskam has been organizing the event since 1985. While the Boutique has been successful at funding the replacement of a refrigerator in the Clubhouse, maintaining landscaping and providing a bench for the marina, the biggest success has been the camaraderie and mutual admiration built among fellow crafters and buyers.
While there is little room to navigate the narrow aisles upstairs in the Berrywood Clubhouse, there is plenty of time to pause and mingle. At $15 a table for the two day event, the Boutique is an easy way for crafters to showcase their art.
Halle Nichols, a very creative 8-year-old who lives in Chartwell with her mother Nicole, has participated in the Boutique since she was five. This year, Halle had her own table, featuring handmade glycerin soaps and embellished jewelry boxes.
“Every year, she picks something to do and we have fun with it. This year, part of her proceeds are going to the Humane Society,” explains proud mom Nicole.
Kelsey and Ellen Mills, another mother-daughter team from Stewarts Landing, sold beautiful scarves at their table. Kelsey stated, “It’s bonding time for us.”
According to Robin Hembree, “There is a nice variety of venues and it is a little more eco-friendly this year.” Hembree was delighted to find out about the November event and has shopped in the Berrywood Boutique for the last four or five years.
“I’ve been here 30 minutes and only got 10 feet in,” exclaimed Aleithea Williams of Pasadena. Williams came to the boutique at the suggestion of her future mother-in-law, a Berrywood resident. “I plan to do all my Christmas shopping at local craft fairs this year,” she explained.
Unlike shopping the Black Friday deals at chain stores and malls, Williams enjoys the unhurried pace, and the ability to browse and chat while finding unique gifts.
After 25 years, the venue is bursting at its seams, but Joane Roskam wouldn’t have it any other way. “We’ll always keep it in the community and it will always be right here in Berrywood,” she concludes.

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