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  • Dental Implants Are Not Teeth

    Modern technology has given dentists more ways to replace teeth. For example, dental implants can replace teeth and secure dentures. What is best for the patient? What are the benefits and risks? Q: How can I have my missing, broken and diseased teeth replaced to look like and function like my...
  • Tips For Staying Cool In The Summer Heat

    When the temperature rises and more people are enjoying outdoor summer activities, it is important to avoid dehydration and excessive exposure to the sun. The humidity also makes it harder to handle the hot temperatures. The Department of Health encourages all residents to be cautious of heat-...
  • Green Point Wellness Helps Community Understand Medicinal Cannabis Industry Coming To Maryland

    A new industry is coming to Maryland, and its first location is expected to be right here in Anne Arundel County. It might face some skepticism or even opposition, but the leadership behind Green Point Wellness — a medicinal cannabis dispensary slated to open in late 2017 — wants to...
  • Resistant Antibiotics Are Caused By Use

    Widespread antibiotic usage began in the 1940s when they were used to treat infections. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have developed over time and threaten the usefulness of these drugs. Resistant antibiotics are caused by antibiotic use. Q: When do I need to take an antibiotic drug? A: Disease-...
  • Healthy Planet, Healthy People: UM BWMC Encourages Green Living At Fifth Annual Earth Day Expo

    It’s easy being green, according to University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center and its Green Health Committee. On Friday, April 21, the hospital held its fifth annual Go Green Fair, a free community event that offered tips about recycling, renewable energy and eco-friendly...
  • Are You And Your Pet Ready For The Unexpected?

    It is a well-known fact that pets keep humans healthier. Pets are part of the family in most households, which means they sleep in our beds, sit on our couches, and get lots of love and attention. Pet ownership has many medical, emotional and psychological benefits. Many of us can relate to our...
  • Three Factors To Consider When Choosing A Medical Provider

    So, you or someone in your family has suffered an injury and you don’t know whom to turn to for help. You’ll most likely need to seek further medical attention or rehab after your visit to the emergency room or an urgent care facility. You will also most likely be referred for physical...
  • Reasons To Drink Tap Water

    Here are several reasons to drink tap water: There is no sugar to cause dental decay, the fluoridation prevents decay, there are no calories to cause weight gain and tap water fights dry mouth (decreased saliva), which increases the risk of decay. Tooth decay is the most common disease, and it...
  • Help For Caregivers Pressed Into Care

    Off-Time Events Can Derail A Young Life Many of us realize that at some point in the future, we will become a caregiver for an elderly parent or spouse. What we don't expect is caregiving to start when we are in our 40s, 30s or even our 20s! These are the years that we expect to take care of...
  • Tech Talk With Dr. Cranska

    Stop Childhood Cavities With Dental Sealants And Fluoride Varnishing To reduce the risk of tooth decay and protect the biting surfaces of new teeth erupting in the mouth, patients can get dental sealants and have their dentist apply fluoride varnishes two to four times per year. Q: My children...
  • Officers Will Square Off In Friendly Lawfit Challenge

    Contest Coincides With Healthy Anne Arundel Month If you ask Stew Smith, fitness isn’t just a key to better health; it’s a survival skill. For police and firefighters, who can be faced with survival situations, it’s a necessity. That’s why Healthy Anne Arundel Month...
  • County Officials Kick Off Healthy Anne Arundel Month

    In celebration of Healthy Anne Arundel Month, the public was invited to a kickoff event at the Anne Arundel County Farmers Market in Annapolis on April 1. Among those in attendance were Anne Arundel County Health Officer Jinlene Chan, Councilman Michael Peroutka, Annapolis Mayor Mike Pantelides,...
  • Does Being Sore Mean You Had A Good Workout?Exclusive

    I was enjoying a family dinner at a restaurant in Annapolis recently, celebrating a holiday and catching up. The place was packed, with no empty tables. To have a conversation, we had to talk loudly. The waiter came and took our order. At that moment, I overheard conversations around us. The...
  • Get Ready For Healthy Anne Arundel Month

    What It Is And Why You Should Invest In Your Health Everyone wants to be healthy, be proud of their weight and be free of addiction, but not everyone knows where to find the resources that will help them accomplish those goals. Healthy Anne Arundel Month was created in 2014 for that purpose, to...
  • Severna Park Veterinary Hospital’s Pet Ambulance Provides A Useful Service

    Acquired in 2015, Severna Park Veterinary Hospital’s pet ambulance is a tool that has become essential for keeping local pets — especially larger ones — safe and healthy. Before it was used by the staff at Severna Park Veterinary Hospital, the ambulance served as a vehicle for...
  • Tooth Decay, Sensitivity Or Erosion?

    Dentists and dental hygienists work together in clinical patient treatment. Thanks to technology, dental hygienists can now help patients maintain and protect their oral health with the use of a new treatment tool: adult in-office fluoride varnish therapy. Q: What happens at my maintenance visit...
  • AAMC To Design, Test Prototype Aimed To Transform Care For Older Adults

    Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) has been selected as one of four health systems nationally to develop a prototype model aimed to transform care for older adults. With a $250,000 grant from The John A. Hartford Foundation, AAMC will work over the course of 42 months to co-design and test the Age...
  • ChoiceOne And UM BWMC Partner To Offer Accessible Urgent Care ServicesExclusive

    ChoiceOne Urgent Care LLC is partnering with the University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center (UM BWMC) to open its first Anne Arundel County location on Friday, March 3, at 8:00am. The ChoiceOne Urgent Care Severna Park center is located at 500-B Ritchie Highway, on the corner of...
  • Six Dental Technologies For 2017

    Modern dentistry is dynamic. Changes to improve patient comfort and quality of care are always being developed. The use of improved dental materials, modern delivery systems, lasers, computer-generated imaging and computer management software systems are just some of the changes. In upcoming...
  • 23andMe And Your Genetic Blueprint

    A fair amount of airtime has been given to genetic research in the news over the last year. Medical news articles keep popping up in the health sections of major newspapers around the country. Topics on individualized medicine have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times ...
  • Alzheimer’s: The Cold Hard Truth

    These are the dreaded words many of us fear: dementia, Alzheimer’s, senile, memory loss, forgetfulness. However you want to word it, say it, define it, deny it, ignore it or repel it, we certainly don’t want to hear from our trusted health care physician or specialist that our loved one...
  • Heartbeat For Health Moves To The Y On February 18

    University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center (UM BWMC) is sponsoring Heartbeat for Health on Saturday, February 18, from 10:00am to 2:00pm at the Y in Arnold. This free, informative and fun-filled event will celebrate the benefits of dance and exercise in the prevention of heart...
  • Winter Can Be Difficult For The Elderly

    January has come and gone. For many of us, so have our resolutions. It’s what happens this time each year. Something else happens this time of year too: snow. We love snow for its beauty and the thrill it brings our children, yet have we stopped to think about the dread it brings to our...
  • Your Heart And Ears Have A Lot In Common, So Love Them Both During American Heart Month

    People tend to take matters of the heart very seriously, and they tend to brush off hearing loss as inconsequential. But truthfully, your heart and ears have a lot more in common than most people realize. In fact, decades of research point to a link between cardiovascular and hearing health....
  • How To Manage An Anxiety AttackExclusive

    Your heart is pounding. Maybe you’re shaking or sweating. You might feel like you’re floating away from yourself. It’s really scary. Anxiety or panic attacks can come out of nowhere and leave you shaken, exhausted and worried about having another one. Fortunately, you can take...


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