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  • Events Around The Park

    Looking for something to do this weekend? From summer concerts to crab feasts and yard sales, we’ve got you covered.   Friday, July 21 Music of Alex Davis 4:00pm-7:00pm The Office Bar & Grill 2801 Mountain Road, Pasadena   Severna Park native Alex Davis is coming from...
  • “A Good Drop”Exclusive

    Orphan Grain Train Sends Supplies To South Sudan In a country where grocery shopping is seen as a chore, it may be hard to imagine a place where hunger and a lack of access to clean water is the norm. On the morning of July 6, volunteers gathered at the Christian volunteer network Orphan Grain...
  • Fourth Of July Parade Draws Spectators From Far And Wide

    Children waved American flags in the air as if signaling the start to a drag race while parents proudly looked on, clad in star-spangled garb, proving that the Severna Park Fourth of July Parade crowd was just as active as those marching along the route. Among the steadfast onlookers were lifelong...
  • Kids Impress With The Bike Decorating Contest

    Streamers, flags and top hats were just a few of the elements involved in this year’s decorated bike contest put on by the Greater Severna Park and Arnold Chamber of Commerce. Contestants came out to Holly Avenue before the parade started to compete for prizes in the categories of Most...
  • Fabulous ‘50s Parade Pays Tribute To Severna Park’s Heritage

    When Earl Schaffer, longtime volunteer emcee of the Severna Park Fourth of July Parade, approached a group of youngsters waiting along the edge of Riggs Avenue as they waited for the celebratory procession to arrive, he asked them, “What do you hope to see in the parade this year?” One...
  • Severna Park’s Fourth Of July Parade Brings Community Together As One

    Severna Park’s annual Fourth of July Parade is a tremendous project that brings community leaders, businesses, and volunteers together for the benefit and enjoyment of the community. People from all over town make the parade’s myriad parts run seamlessly. Chick-fil-A and Severn Bank...
  • Maryland Residents Celebrate Ties To Patriotic Ancestors

    Severna Park resident Andrea Frazier is proud of her sixth-great-grandfather, Matthew Tilghman, and for good reason. “He served in the Continental Congress and helped bring Maryland from colonyhood into statehood,” Frazier said. Born in 1718 in Queen Anne’s County, Tilghman...
  • SWAT Team Aids Local CharityExclusive

    On June 20, three volunteers for the Maryland branch of the national Christian charity Orphan Grain Train drove a truck to an Anne Arundel County Public Schools district warehouse in Glen Burnie. Those volunteers went there to pick up 110 old school desks that the district donated to school-...
  • Fourth Of July Parade Honors Betty Wells As Grand Marshal

    It’s a landmark year for Severna Park’s Fourth of July Parade, and not because the parade itself is turning another decade older (it doesn’t celebrate its 50th until 2024). No, this year is the time for the Greater Severna Park and Arnold Chamber of Commerce (GSPACC), which...
  • Final FY2018 Budget Keeps Schuh’s Blueprint Largely Intact

    This year’s Fiscal Year 2018 (FY2018) budget negotiations saw little fanfare — no verbal punches issued via the press, no councilmen calling for a bigger piece of the financial pie — but it resulted in two notable tax cuts, $15.6 million for teacher salary increases, funding for...
  • Resolution 22-17 Starts A Dialogue On Equity And Diversity

    Before the June 5 county council meeting turned into a shouting match, before Council Chairman John Grasso and meeting attendees engaged in a heated discourse over First Amendment rights and county council rules, Councilman Pete Smith detailed two deeply personal childhood stories — one about...
  • As Water Temps Go Up, Severn River Water Quality Goes Down

    With his trademark passion and enthusiasm for local waterways, Andrew Muller, professor of oceanography at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, and his wife, Captain Diana Muller, delivered a State of the Severn address to nearly 100 concerned residents and members of the Severn River Association (...
  • Environmental Concerns Headline Sabrina Park Appeals Hearing

    “You can’t engineer something better than God can.” That was one of Paul Spadaro’s prevailing arguments during the Sabrina Park Phase 3 hearing on June 20, as the seven-member Anne Arundel County Board of Appeals listened to public testimony for the first time in nearly a...
  • Parade Judges Look Forward To Annual Tradition

    For several years, Stacey Cassidy, Mike Hall and Scott Gardiner have judged floats during the Severna Park Fourth of July Parade, an annual tradition that draws a crowd of thousands. “It’s really nice when you have a small-knit community put on such a good little Fourth of July parade...
  • Editor’s Voice

    When working on this issue of the Voice, I had the honor of meeting up with and talking to Betty Winkelmeyer Wells for a story about her role as grand marshal of the Fourth of July Parade. I had talked with Betty before about her dad’s part in establishing the chamber of commerce back in 1957...
  • National Night Out Offers A Fun Evening While Strengthening The Community

    Anne Arundel County’s third annual National Night Out for the Eastern District is set for 5:30pm to 8:00pm on August 1 at Earleigh Heights Fire Hall, and organizers expect it to be a blast. The widely attended outing is part of a nationwide campaign to bring neighbors together and enhance the...
  • Local Teen Garners Graduation Honor

    As this year’s Presidential Scholar, Danielle Kila led a blue-clad column of her peers at the Anne Arundel Community College commencement in May, as she was draped in the blue and gold cords of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. At 5 feet 0.5 inches tall (the half-inch matters if you ask her...
  • Jack Pumphrey And Millersville Plumbing Have Deep History In Maryland

    Walter Pumphrey settled in New Jersey in 1678 and moved to Baltimore in 1708. A trade carpenter, he purchased property throughout Anne Arundel County to use as a wood source. More than 300 years later, Pumphrey decedents are still rooted in Maryland soil. Urban legend says that John Wilkes Booth...
  • Everyone Loves A Parade!

    Hear ye, hear ye! We are marching in the Severna Park Fourth of July Parade. We might look a little silly decked out in red, white and blue attire, pushing Safeway grocery carts down Benfield Road, but our hearts are in the right place. So as you pack your sunscreen and water bottles for the...
  • A Severna Park Veteran Is Remembered

    West Severna Park resident Anne Butterworth and her family swell with pride when “The Star-Spangled Banner” is sung and when Memorial Day and Veterans Day roll around. Butterworth remembers her dad, James Norris, who served in the U.S. Army during World War II. “He was drafted...
  • Water Violations Affect 31 Percent Of Maryland’s Population

    Is Your Water Contaminated? Water contamination in municipal or city water has continued to be a top news story. Considering the lead contamination in Flint, Michigan, and the chemical spill in West Virginia, both in 2014, the health of our drinking water is a serious concern. The magazine for...
  • Magothy River Association Celebrates Completion Of Water Trail Kiosks

    With the Chesapeake Bay and multiple rivers in our backyard, it’s easy to forget the treasures that they are. Magothy River Day, celebrated each year by the Magothy River Association (MRA), aims to bring attention to the natural beauty and history of the Magothy, as well as the importance of...
  • Shakti Studio Holds Meditation For Donations

    When Jillian Amodio acquired ownership of Shakti Studio in Cape St. Claire in January, she said the entrepreneurial move was inspired by her desire to be part of a community. That same goal was the impetus behind her decision to hold meditation fundraisers for charities, encouraging guests to leave...
  • Gas Or Charcoal? Who Cares?

    Nothing defines summer like a good old-fashioned cookout. When I was a kid, these were the steps for throwing a cookout:   1. Invite friends and relatives 2. Buy 20 pounds of charcoal briquettes 3. Pile the briquettes in a concave metal bin 4. Douse them with two quarts of charcoal...
  • Severn River Association Announces 2017 Heron Award Winners

    At the Severn River Association’s (SRA) 107th annual meeting on June 13, President Lynne Rockenbauch presented awards to members who showed outstanding commitment to the Severn River. For their contributions to the health of the Severn, Joyce Rosencranz and Robert vom Saal were recognized...


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